Tenrikyo: Return to the Origin and put the joy back into your life

Verse 1.4

You are calling this place the Jiba, the Residence of God, in Yamato, but you may not know the origin.


The Jiba refers to the place of origin, in this case the place where human beings were first created. The Residence refers to the Nakayama residence geographically located on the Yamato plain in central Japan.

Our ordinary way of knowing something is to experience it with our senses and to attach a name to it. Since the truth of Origin exists prior to our sensory experience it cannot be experienced in that common way. We cannot behold the Origin we can only return and be that.

It seems simple enough and in fact is simple but the fact is that we tend to have difficulty with something that is that simple. Our self centered imaginations have a deep tendency to seek truth in themselves and of course that just adds complexity. We are knowledge and information junkies and assume that all truth will be in that form.

To aid our self centered imagination to return to its original and natural condition we are given directions and tools to use to prepare our mind to awaken to the truth of its origin. The above verse warns us not to confuse the tools with the goal.

Take a moment and be aware of  that which is always present and which is the origin of all that is known. Its the truth of yourself and it looks out and creates the world through the instruments of  the senses.  Awaken to the high spirits and joy of the Origin.