Tenrikyo: Return to the Origin and put the joy back into your life

Verse I, 6

If you wish to hear and will come to Me,

I shall teach you the original cause of all things.


If there is anything that God knows how to do, it is to butt out. We are welcome to think and do as we please. Like the sun the Origin lights up whatever path we choose.

If at some point we decide that we would like to learn and test this path we are welcome to do so. The choice is ours to make. The issue will never be forced.

Having made the choice we are reminded,"and will come to me", that the promise is fulfilled with our return.

The original cause is of course just that. Take a moment and be aware of the effect this promise has on the imagination. The chances are good that we are open to the acquisition of this information. Sure I'd like to learn "the original cause of all things". Can you mail it to me? The problem is that the original cause is also the origin of the imagination that would possess it. Though  the imagination is a marvelous creative power it cannot create, imagine or possess its own origin.

So, to know" the original cause of all things" is to return and be that. Do you know the feeling that we get when we look all over place for something that we have lost, becoming more and more desperate with each passing moment until finally we realize that what we thought to be lost is in our pocket and not lost at all? It is that way with the original cause of all things. It is always present but we are so busy creating, which is great fun unless there is no longer any joy in it for us, that we are unaware of it. 

Return and see for yourself.