Verse VII:  51-54

MoonSun is truly in haste to show you free and unlimited workings.

This is my single desire.

So sincere are the thoughts of MoonSun,

but the minds of you close to me are yet worldly common.

Whatever I say, it is not from a human mind but from the mind of MoonSun.

Until now, whatever I said, you took my words as being mixed with the human mind.

Listen! Replace your mind from now, and never think that I have a human mind.


The very simple instruction to remove the obstacle to free and unlimited workings is easily confounded with all sorts of sincere worldly common speculations as to its meaning and intention and so on. What is offered is not a series of ideas to be believed in or followed. What is offered is the freedom that remains when the mind is swept (quieted) and returned to its original natural and free condition. Try it and see for yourself.