Verse VIII: 24-29

I shall tell you everything step by step.

Listen to my words and understand them to be true.

There is nowhere but this place that can be called the true origin of the world.

What do you think of this talk?

It is from my desire to teach you all about everything.

All of you must be convinced of the truth about the beginning of this world.

This is because in whatever salvation I may work,

I do not teach you of ordinary things.

I do not speak of things already seen or of things that already exist.

This is an interesting criteria. I doubt that it is possible to speak of that which is prior to the existence of things, the origin of this world. It seems to me that the invitation is to make the mind reflect that original truth by quieting the thoughts about things already seen and that already exist.

On hearing this one might simply do so. On the other hand perhaps one needs help to do so. If that is the case these poems show the step by step path to return to the origin.