Tenrikyo: Return to the Origin and put the joy back into your life

Verse VI, 120

Everything in this universe is all by MoonSun.

All human bodies are things lent by MoonSun.

I think it safe to assume that there are two ideas that most, if not all, human beings are sure of. First, that our actions are our own and second, that our bodies are our own. These two poems declare otherwise.  And as if that is not astonishing enough, they appear in the context of anxiety and frustration at the doubt and misunderstanding that has kept us from testing the truth of those assertions. Indeed at the time that these poems were written it appeared as if more effort was being put into erasing and explaining away this teaching than was being put into an honest effort to test its methods and its truth.

How then is it possible that in truth there is only one? And if indeed it is true, then who am I? How can this be tested? What is in it for me? And what would constitute proof? The answer to these questions and the truth of the joyous life is given to the truly sincere mind that returns to the Origin.  The way to return to the Origin is the way of the Service of Single-Hearted Sincerity. The promise, the way and the truth are available even now. Then as now it can be done. It only requires a sincere effort.