Tenrikyo: Return to the Origin and put the joy back into your life

Verse V: 73-77


From now on, please quickly make preparations truly to purify your innermost heart.

As there are a great number of people in the world, to purify all of them will be difficult.

However difficult it may be, see the truth through your own mind!

When the mind is made pure and open to reason, the truth will be seen of its own accord.


We tend to accumulate things in our mind, like dust accumulates in a room that isn't swept and dusted. The Parent of Origin teaches the way to sweep and dust our mind. When that is sincerely done the truth alone remains. There is nothing new to learn to know this truth. The reason and truth that are spoken of are our free and unlimited natural state.

Try it. Identify the accumulated dust of the mind and sweep it away. See if what remains deserves to be called free and unlimited.