Tenrikyo: Return to the Origin and put the joy back into your life

Verse X: 46-54

This time, returning to the origin,

Moonsun will clearly reveal the whole root of the tree.

There is perhaps no one anywhere who clearly knows the origin of this world.

If you but clearly know this origin, you will always be assured, wherever you may go.

What do you think on hearing this talk?

I desire to train my intermediaries in this.

All that MoonSun desires is to have the whole world know of the origin of human beings.

If this truth becomes quickly known to all humankind, my talks will be understood.

No matter how much I strive to explain my teachings, unless I teach you the origin...

If only I have taught you the origin clearly, you will understand everything I say.


One mind learns, awakens and understands and then awakens another.