Tenrikyo Dynamic Mission - ILLNESS ("YAMAI ") - DISORDER ("SAWARI") - EVIL ("AKU"), ("ASHIKI")

Seth the bringer of evil

Throughout human history in all times and places illness, disorders of the body and trouble have been viewed as unwanted occurrences, evils. In every culture those evils were and continue to be associated with an underlying supernatural cause. We humans have the mental capability to question and ask why some evil or another has befallen us. Once stricken with some kind of evil or another we can ask how to remove that evil in the present and we can also imagine our future and ask how we can ward off evils that may yet be coming our way in the future. 

Horus god of truth and redemption enemy of SethThough all human beings are endowed with a powerful self-centered imagination that is capable of creating truths some human self centered imaginations are more creative than others. When we go to movies, art galleries, political rallies, watch TV or attend sporting events we are almost always enjoying human creativity that surpasses our own. At the very earliest time of the emergence of human culture the questions of "why" and "how" as they related to the removal or warding off of evil were answered by powerful imaginations that were able to satisfy, inform or capture the imaginations of others. Although over time the names of the supernatural causes and agents of both evil and its opposite good have changed, the understanding of supernatural causes of both good and evil have remained remarkably unchanged. In terms of causality the truth of supernatural causes of both good and evil is one of the most widely held worldly common truths of the world. Those worldly common truths of the world serving to inform the understanding of human self centered imaginations in all times and all places. 

The topic of the supernatural causes good and evil is then huge. Everybody at all times and places would like to have the evil of illness and trouble removed and blocked from their life. For many, if not most, the idea of having a supernatural champion in the person of a god or gods, spirits, angels and saints available to remove obstacles from their good health, happiness and prosperity is highly attractive. Also, if such  was a part of their world view, it would be nice to have some power erase their sins, punish their enemies and vanquish the source of evil in their life, at least on a per problem basis, or ideally once and for all.

Concerning illness and the causes of illness the Tenrikyo Dynamic relies on the understanding of the poems below:




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