Tenrikyo's Dynamic Mission - Resources

This universe is the body of god.
Ponder this in all matters.



These resource pages attempt to offer and draw support for the text that they are attached to from a variety of sources. In general they stack up in the following order.

  1. A poem or poems from the Ofudesaki (Tip of the Writing Brush). These poems always appear in "Red", because I like that and it reminds me of Oyasama's red clothes. Note the poem at the head of this page. It is there because I want to be reminded of its truth and to try and bring my mind into accord with it as I proceed with this matter and all others.
  2. My personal ponderings and reflections as I try to stay in accord with the fundamental instruction contained in the poem that heads and ends each resource page. I have selected the poem above as being fundamental to the task at hand and its understanding. Being personal reflections they are, I think, best viewed as thoughts that have come to mind during the preparation of each dish.
  3. "Osashizu" or timely talks and instructions, delivered by Oyasama and Izo Iburi, the "Honseki" or "Main Seat" for the interpretation of Oyasama's teaching. The Osashizu that are available in English strike me as representing worldly common straight forward questions that lack an understanding of the truth of origin and answers that represent a totally different point of view and which as often such seem to be incomprehensible evasions.
  4. Excerpts from the Shinbashira's, both past and present, sermons and addresses. From my point of view these are all concerned with hastening the maturity of the followers so that they can get on with the task finding ways to purify the minds of all human beings and in so doing naturally contribute to the reconstruction of a world of joyous life for all equally.
  5. Tenrikyo publications in English. In my view these tend to offer support for the three interpretations of Oyasama's teaching as outlined by the 3rd. Shinbashira and are appropriate to each interpretation and to the work of the path to the degree that the are focused on either the quick or the gradual the realization of single-heartedness with the parental heart.