Newpath Tenrikyo - FILTERS

Our everyday minds are full of true thoughts which, just as a matter of fact, obscure and suppress our ability to awaken to the one original truth of our origin. No one thinks that their own thoughts are not true, unless they are purposely lying but even then there is a true thought used to rationalize the need for the lie. So we tend to believe that what we think to be true is true and in most cases that serves us well. Some times we even entertain contradictory truths but unless we ponder over the contradiction that generally doesn't bother us.
In every case the task of anyone who would awaken to that one truth of origin involves turning one's attention inward, away from worldly common and common truths of the world. When we turn our attention inward and ponder the workings of our own imagination ( the voice and images of our mind) we can by sincerely staying with the effort, allow those everyday truths to settle, leaving one's mind intensely attentive but purified, like clear water. That settling or purification happens very fast as we are always only one thought away from the truth of origin though ordinarily we keep our imagination running without break and that is what makes it seem to be a difficult task. It is through that "mind like clear water" that we are able to experience and understand things as they naturally are as opposed to the way we ordinarily imagine them to be.   To help us to awaken quickly and purposely to that one truth we are provided with "filters".  Filters are of two kinds, there are those that are designed to be attractive and familiar to human imaginations in a particular time and place. Those filters are worldly common in appearance, mostly things that have never existed but that when pondered deeply and sincerely lead to the purification and settling of the mind. That is to say that when pursued sincerely and honestly they are intended to open our mind to the reason that flows from the truth of origin and to be self extinguishing, leaving us awakened to the understanding and realization that is the one truth of origin.  Then there are those filters that are meant to be used to compare our worldly common and common worldly thoughts with those of God instructing and hastening us to take corrective measures where appropriate so that our mind can be brought into accord (a totally clear reflection) with God's mind. 

It is best if these filters are used quickly and in all matters. Take a moment and see why this is so. Suppose that we assume that our imaginations originally rise up out of our original conscious like pure spring water rises up in a pond in the mountains. As the pure water rises up it is mixed with dirt (our past experiences and desires, both real and imagined), in time the pond can become clogged up with all sorts of dirt and debris making the water turbid.  The work or service of constant and effective filtration can however return it to its sweet natural  purity.  The quicker one is to begin the work of purification the easier it is to complete. Of course it is also possible to do the work in such a way, for instance ignoring the comparison filters, that the mind does not open to the reason that flows clearly from the truth of origin and as soon as some dirt or debris is taken out it is quickly and inadvertently put back in.  

How do these filters work? Well they work at the speed of thought, each thought, almost instantaneously, taken and compared with one or more filters prior to that thought being acted upon. It may sound clunky but it is no different from each thought almost instantaneously being taken and compared with other worldly common and truths of the world before being acted upon. 
The bottom or most fundamental worldly common thought being I am this body or this is my body held as understood in all matters. Understood means that you and I don't have to start each thought with the declaration "I, this body that is my body and that I own thinks..), it is understood as being the case.  Comparing our thoughts in all matters then with the filter that this universe is the body of God and that all bodies are things borrowed things lent then has the benefit of filtering the mind right at the point where it rises out of our original consciousness.  

If we get the work of filtering right then we can replace the fundamental fiction of separation and ownership of a body with the understanding that each body is an extension of the conscious universe which has evolved to the understanding of the intention of providing the appearance and experience of a free and unlimited autonomous joyous life for all human beings equally, without discrimination.


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