Tenrikyo Dynamic Mission - Kanrodai

I have told you before about the test for proof,
but you do not even understand what the Kanrodai is about.

Kanrodai and not knowing what it is about

Since the contents of no two human minds are exactly the same it is reasonable to expect that a variety of "means" will have to be employed in order to help them all become open to the reasoning that reveals the truth of their origin.

Ponder over this talk, all of you in the world.
There is no mind the same as another.

This time, by all means,
I wish to teach this truth clearly to the entire world.

In order to teach the truth of origin, the true cause of all things in detail, it was necessary to start somewhere and with whatever minds were available. In this case the place was a village on the Yamato plain and the minds that were available were those of the Nakayama family and their neighbors. It is reasonable to assume and the LIFE OF OYASAMA - Manuscript Edition seems to confirm that the members of the Nakayama family and their neighbors shared some basic common community truths of how the world works.  We find that that is the case as we think about various cultures from all over the world and through all the ages of human kind.

Step by step, I have taught the truth of
single-heartedness with God, but you still do not understand.

The problem was, and remains today, that it is not possible to know and understand the original cause of all things from any of the numerous worldly common the points of view that are natural to the way that we have always used our mind to create the truths of our world.  To get a simple yet very clear picture of this problem and its solution we can turn to yet another metaphor the meaning of which is made clear in context.

From now on, I shall speak in the metaphor of water.
Be enlightened by the words "clear" and "muddy".

Water then is a metaphor for the human mind and the way in which the water metaphor appears in the poems directs us to the meaning of the metaphors, Kanrodai, Stand , Pillar, Jiba, Parent, Moonsun, Mind of the Parent which can be understood when the human mind is made clear but cannot be understood when the human mind is muddied and full of the dust of self centered, worldly common thoughts and truths.

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