Newpath Tenrikyo - ASPIRANTS / FOLLOWERS

All people in the world are born into a culture.  That culture being the characteristics and truths of their particular society that are learned, integrated into their self images and which are not by definition biologically inherited. Cultures then can be said to be made up of common worldly and worldly common truths. When a number of cultures share significant common worldly and worldly common truths we call that collective of cultures a civilization.  Smaller units of culture are understood to be nations, tribes, cults, families and the like.

On the other hand the truth of origin is biologically inherent, we are born not only with it but because of it. That one truth is native to all human beings without discrimination. That one truth is always available and accessible to human beings living at all times and in all places. The truth of origin then has nothing in common with worldly common and common worldly truths which are characteristic of particular times and places other than being suppressed and hidden by them.

For some of us there comes a time when we are dissatisfied with our current situation and decide that we want to do something to bring about a change in our circumstance. There are also some of us who are dissatisfied with our current situation but have given up on changing our circumstance because we cannot imagine any way out.  In general this dissatisfaction can be categorized as stemming from circumstances such as illness or trouble. That is to say any unwanted experiences that we would rather be without. Though we don't use the term much in this way anymore those unwanted experiences are the very definition of evil.

  Prior October 24, 1838 Miki Nakayama looked to worldly common and common worldly truths that were a characteristic of her local culture to find relief from the evils that were troubling the health of her family. It is an important fact of her Model Story that she did not intend to awaken to the truth of origin but was instead relying on ritual magic to remove the evils that were troubling her family. It was during that ritual that she was asked to take the place of the usual medium and she responded to the instruction to empty her mind with such true sincerity that her self centered imagination settled and she awakened to the truth of origin. After that she no longer relied on worldly common and common worldly truths and leaned entirely on the one truth of origin as the source of both her joy and satisfaction. Because her mind had been replaced by the mind of Moonsun she was able to teach a way of intentionally awakening to a life of true satisfaction and joy to anyone would wished to hear of it and was willing to quickly, honestly and sincerely follow her instructions exactly as given. The willingness to quickly follow her instructions, with true sincerity, exactly as given, is then the definition of an aspirant or follower of her intentional path of single-heartedness with the truth of origin.  

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