Newpath Tenrikyo - CONSCIOUSNESS


Identifying our original consciousness (the mind of a three year old child), (the "light" that illuminates our senses thereby creating  our world), (the source and "light" that reflects our self centered imagination thereby creating human beings), the source of existence of any and everything (because Moonsun exists the world exists). We are taught that when we quiet our self centered imagination (settling it like "clear water" what  remains is the single-hearted salvation of any and everything and that is what this teaching is all about.

One might ask why Miki didn't just say that.  I think that I once heard that there was no word for consciousness in the Japanese language at the time that she was teaching. Even so there is such a word in many other languages but there is, as far as I know, no agreement as to what it means. In most of the places that I have seen it used, it refers to the self-centered imagination or self-consciousness. Only recently have I begun to see more references to the welcome insight that makes a distinction between consciousness and self consciousness.   

In these pages consciousness, (our original, pristine consciousness, the mind of a three year old child), is metaphorically represented by the terms, "Origin", "Original cause", "Nihon" ( original native place), "Mind like clear water", "Jiba" ( place where human beings were or are created), "Parent of Origin", "God of Origin", "True and Original God", etc.. Self consciousness on the other hand is metaphorically represented by the terms, "muddy water", "dust", "kara", "tenjiku" ( foreign, barbarous places). common worldly, worldly common, etc..

 Miki's self-centered imagination after awakening and returning to its origin is metaphorically referred to as Moonsun. The self centered imagination having awakened to the truth that its light is reflected in the one truth of origin. In this metaphor the Moon represents the temporary and changing self-conscious, self centered imagination while the Sun represents the permanent original consciousness that is the true source of the Moon's light. Moonsun then is the truth of any and everything. We are hastened and encouraged to prove this in our own mind by perfecting the work of making our mind like clear water, awakening to the  understanding what remains when that is done.