There are two ways to awaken to the truth of our origin, they are unintentional awakening and intentional awakening.

Miki Nakayama's awakening is a case of unintentional awakening.  When on October 24th 1838 the forty one year old Miki Nakayama entered into a ritual that involved a shaman and herself acting as a medium. Her intention was to remove the evils that were causing her family to suffer by exorcising the gods and evil spirits that had inhabited their dwelling and were for no good reason causing the Nakayama family to suffer.  I believe that someone once told me the names of two gods that had been identified as being the trouble makers for the family but I don't recall them and indeed on that evening that whole approach and the truths associated with it disappears from Miki's story but of course not from the minds of her family, friends and fellow villagers. Regardless, the point is that Miki when engaging a shaman to employ ritual magic on behalf of her family did not intend to awaken as the shrine of Moonsun but because of her true sincerity in emptying her mind, totally calming her self-center imagination, that is what in fact happened. 

Because Miki's self centered imagination had returned and settled at the truth of origin, the original cause of all things, she was able to begin to open a path of quick intentional return, a path of single heartedness with the truth of origin, for all human beings. 

Why is the emphasis on a quick and intentional path important? After all, Miki unintentionally awakened. Well that is true, Miki did unintentionally awaken but no one else did. Let me illustrate a little example of the difference and difficulties involved. I live in San Francisco California, now suppose that while I'm downtown I overhear someone ask for directions on how to get to Los Angeles and am astonished to hear that person told that "to get to Los Angeles one must travel North and endure extreme hardships on the journey. Indeed one shouldn't even expect to get there in this lifetime because the journey takes generations to finish". Well I suppose that if one travels North long enough they may end up reaching Los Angeles but it is highly unlikely. This approach is clearly a misunderstanding of where Los Angeles is located and how when should go about getting there from San Francisco.

 Now suppose that yet another person joins in the discussion and says, "don't listen to that nonsense, you can't get to Los Angeles by traveling North because Los Angeles doesn't exist!"  Yikes, what can one do in the face of this denial? I don't live in Los Angeles but I know it exists because I've been there, I know how to get there and I also know how long it should take. And knowing that it exists, where it is and how long it should take to get there is important!

One can travel from San Francisco by land, sea or air. Even if one wishes to walk one can step out onto the El Camino Real and head South. If one keeps moving along the El Camino Real, even by walking, one will surely reach Los Angeles.  Miki's problem then in opening a path of intentional single hearted salvation was what to do about overcoming the misunderstanding, doubt and denial that filled all of the minds in her village and indeed all of the minds in the world. 

Miki Nakayama was in the unique position of being able to give instructions on how to become single-hearted because She knew it intimately, She knew how to get there and She knew how long it should take to do so.  The truth of origin exists at the core of each person's mind, the way to awaken to the truth of origin is through totally calming the self-centered imagination just long enough to know and understand it, the entire task can be and in fact is intended to be completed quickly. With those three instructions in mind anyone who would wish to intentionally savor the joy of single-heartedness with the truth of origin would do well to be careful in selecting instructions from some other model that may contradict those clear and simple instructions.