Our self-centered imagination is by definition who we imagine our self to be.  It is our self image, a collection of ideas accumulated over time that defines who we think we are.  We use our self centered imagination as the subject of  our  relationships with the objective world. Those relationships are grounded on the fundamentally understood idea that I am a separate body. The self centered imagination is the place where the truths of the world and worldly common truths are assembled.

When we examine Miki Nakayama's Model Story we can clearly see that prior to awakening as the Shrine of Moonsun both she and her family were suffering as a result of common truths that inhabited their self centered imaginations.  After awakening she was free of that suffering, however those around her remained as they were. 

In my own case I started to accumulate the ideas of my relationships with the world when I was about three years old.  Those imaginings are my earliest memories of being aware of myself as an actor in the world.  Recalling them I can now recall  that the consciousness that gave rise to that idea of being a separate actor is the same unchanged consciousness that gives rise to my adult imaginings.  Some of those imaginings  are obvious daydreams or attempts at imaginative creativity (unfortunately something of a bust for me) while others wear the mantle of opinions and speculations which are often mistaken, by me, as truths. It is those imagined truths that are described as "Worldly Common" or "Truths of the World". If we take a moment to look at things all over the world and through all ages I think it obvious that it is those imagined truths that are at the root of much of the evil that human beings have been made to endure as well as much of the good that we enjoy.

Which is not to say that the human self centered imagination is by its nature evil, it isn't, it is really a marvel of nature and I wouldn't want to be without it. The problem is that it is capable of masking and depressing the truth of  its origin. We can get and in many cases have gotten stuck in and lost in the truths that it creates and can suffer as a result. To return to our original consciousness and understand its joyous nature the self centered imagination must be made quiet just long enough for proof to settle as a fundamental understanding so that when the self centered imagination rises up again it will be informed of its true origin and identity in all matters. That is to say that the total truth of self will be understood in the same way that the partial truth of self that is the self centered imagination is currently understood.