To lay or place one thing on top of or over another. Our self-centered imagination is superimposed over the direct experience of the world. Similarly our self-centered imagination is covering, deparessing and suppressing the joy that flows from the core of our being.

The first case is easy. Look at anything, a tree the computer monitor that you are sitting at and think, imagine something. Keep imagining and be aware of the voice or image that is doing the imagining.  You have just identified your self centered imagination. Now ponder how this superimposition influences your view of the world.

The second case involves being familiar enough with your self-centered imagination to look directly at it, ponder where it rises up, how it is illuminated and where it returns to. Look closely at it and it will return to its origin. The reasoning that flows from the work of making this distinction between the self centered imagination and its origin is the reason and truth of heaven.  There is nothing to fear in exercising it and it only gets better with practice.