Newpath Tenrikyo - FILTERS - Directions / Osashizu - January 8, 1888

Filters from the Osashizu page 1/8/1888

Worldly Common "Sekai nami" - Commonly held ideas and beliefs as opposed to the truth of origin which is not an idea or a belief but the origin of all ideas and beliefs.
Common Truths of the world "Sekai no ri" - The truths created in our imaginations and learned in the world as opposed to the one original truth of origin. For some textual examples of each see A GLOSSARY OF TENRIKYO TERMS available in English from the Tenrikyo Overseas Department.
Distinguishing "Wakeru" - The act of  "looking" inward identifying and separating our imagination and the original consciousness that illuminates it.
Awakening "Satori" - Waking up from the dreams that understand our self-centered imagination as being the only truth of self and instead understanding the original deeper truth of self that exists "below" our self centered imaginings.
Truth "Shinjitsu" - The real and permanent as opposed to the transitory and impermanent. In the case of this teaching, the truth of origin as opposed to the truths of the self centered imagination.
Understanding "Satori" - The point of view of a mind in which the imagination has settled back into its origin. In this case the truth of origin is understood as the truth of self in the same way as the self centered imagination is currently understood as the truth of self. The difference being the nature of the deeper understanding experienced as the point of view of a free and unlimited joyous life. 
Water "Mizu" - A metaphor for the mind. The truth of which can be realized by the terms "clear" and "muddy".  Clear being the mind settled and clearly reflected in the truth of its origin and muddy being the shallow, ordinary worldly common state wherein things are seen not as they are but as they are imagined to be.
Quickly "Hayaku" - The prescribed time in which a sincere mind is hastened to begin and can complete the path of awakening. This is the most repeated and a very important element of the teaching as it is meant to overcome the limitations and bondage of imagining the path as long, difficult, worldly common or impossible to do and in so doing making those limitations and bonds true for oneself. That is to say that those limitations and bonds are made true in the way that the state of our mind becomes the state and truth of our world. It is because of those limited and bound truths that many of us are increasingly finding it difficult to find the joy in our life and it is that inability to find joy in our life that this teaching is meant to correct in the first place. Start now!
 It is intended that  the correction or repair of our mind be made quickly so that we can enjoy life now not some time in the future. That correction and repair is quickly completed by pondering and understanding the proper relationship between the worldly common truths that our imagination creates and the original consciousness that is the true and real creator and the truth of our imagination's origin.  To prove this we are hastened to quickly calm and totally settle our imagination so that we can understand the point of view of the  original consciousness that remains.

Filters from the Osashizu 1/8/1888

FILTER "She was not a well known person."
FILTER "She was just an ordinary person on a farm."
FILTER "She had no special knowledge."
FILTER "She was not extraordinary."
FILTER "She did not travel to see and learn."
FILTER "She was not taught anything in particular."
FILTER "But understand well it was she who taught the ultimate teaching."

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