Newpath Tenrikyo - FILTERS - She was not a well know person

For each of the negations that are delivered in the Osashizu of January 8, 1888 I will attempt to show how they may help us to understand Miki's life as a Model Story. Revealing something of the nature of the one truth of origin as opposed to the creations of our own self centered imagination. 

"She was not a well known person.": This makes it clear that we do not have to seek out or turn to a celebrity to find a way to the truth of our origin. Nor do we have to become a celebrity our self in order to awaken to the truth of origin. Celebrity, fame or infamy comes from capturing the imaginations of a large number of people.  Celebrity is usually based on talent, skill, style, fashion or even fear, it is related to truths of the world and is not necessary for awakening to the truth of origin which is natural to all people in the world equally.  This instruction then, acts a a filter for our thoughts. If we currently believe that to awaken to the truth of origin we have to become or be a follower of a celebrity to realize the truth of our origin then we can safely put those expectations aside. 

It is intended that the awakening that is offered is meant for all people equally. For each mind that awakens the truth of origin is understood, that is taken for granted, in the same way that the self-centered imagination without the truth of origin is currently understood. The self-centered imagination is a big deal and the truth of origin is also a big deal but in both cases the intention is that they be understood as the foundation of our experience of the world and taken for granted by everybody equally.

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