NEWPATH TENRIKYO - FILTERS- "She had no special knowledge"


"She had no special knowledge." : There are many trades, traditions, philosophies, initiations and sciences that require learning or accumulating special knowledge and common worldly truths in order for them to be properly implemented, appreciated and understood. This instruction makes it clear that Miki did not need any special knowledge to return to the truth of her origin.  At the time of her awakening to the truth of origin it was in fact not even her intention to do so. If  however there is no special knowledge involved in returning to the truth of origin why is Miki's Model thought of as a teaching and what are followers or aspirants meant to learn and Timbers "Yoboku" and Ministers meant to teach?

All normally functioning human beings are conscious, have a self-centered imagination (a self image) and are capable of true sincerity.  Those three were all that was needed for Miki to awaken to the truth of origin and those three are also all that we need to follow her model and awaken too. Though the truth of origin cannot be imagined or captured by worldly common knowledge, the way to intentionally awaken can however be taught.

For the aspirant or follower then the way to intentionally awaken to the truth of origin requires making one's first priority the truly sincere effort or work of removing the common worldly and worldly common truths that are superimposed over the one original truth and, just as a matter of fact, keep that original truth from being revealed.

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