Newpath Tenrikyo - FILTERS - "She was not taught anything in particular"

Something in particular is what worldly common and common worldly thoughts are collections of.  That Miki wasn't taught anything in particular reinforces the assertion that the path of single-hearted salvation is solely one of sweeping, removal of the imaginary and does not require the acquisition of any worldly common or common worldly content. 

A nice way to see this play out is through the Osashizu. Time and time again worldly common and common worldly questions are asked about particulars but a worldly common or common worldly answer is never forthcoming. Because of our worldly common expectations however the particulars of the worldly common question are often accepted as being the real issue of the Osashizu while it is common to ignore the actual reasoning of the non-worldly common answers which always point away from common particulars to focus on the one truth of origin and how to awaken to it.