Newpath Tenrikyo - FILTERS - "But understand well it was she who taught the ultimate teaching."

To sum up then, the ultimate teaching has no worldly common or common worldly content, no geographical necessity and is open to all human beings equally. 

The ultimate teaching then shows the way to dig up, uproot and remove worldly common and common worldly truths at their root and core, the self centered imagination and in so doing expose the natural,  original consciousness that is native to all human beings and the source of peace and joy regardless of circumstance, time or place.

One last word on this. The quieting, calming and removing of the self centered imagination is meant to be done quickly. The self centered imagination is something of the crown jewel of evolution and one would not want to be without one for long. Have no fear, the removal of the self centered imagination is only meant to done for as long as it takes to prove, identify and understand the reason and view point of what remains when it is totally quiet, like still clear water.  Once that is understood we are expected to bring our self centered imagination back into the external world and joyously play from the point of view of a self centered imagination that knows and understands the truth of its origin.

We act this out on our bodies when we perform the third set of the seated service. Check it out, the self centered imagination is returned to its origin and then brought back into the world of joyous play. The new foundation of the self centered imagination in the truth of origin being the meaning of the "Kanrodai" the pillar that marks the location of the "Jiba".