The DIRECT CONNECT buttons lead to simple and direct instructions and are available to anyone who would like to quickly awaken to the true origin of human beings.

There is an interpretation of these teachings that hastens and encourage us to calm our mind and try the pondering. These pages are primarily aimed at aspirants who are sincerely interested in doing just that.

The teaching of the original cause of any and everything is a dialogue between that original cause (consciousness) and the human self-centered imagination that rises out of that original cause. That is to say a dialogue between understanding and misunderstanding. It is common for we human beings to go through our entire life taking the original cause for granted, all the while remaining unaware of the true origin of our self centered imaginings.  Because it is natural for us to be unaware of our true origin the self centered imaginings side of the dialogue is characterized by misunderstanding, doubt and denial. We imagine that we shine by our own light.  Because of those natural misunderstandings, doubts and denials most of the teaching is involved in overcoming doubts and  objections and in clarifying misunderstandings.  What remains when those doubts, misunderstandings and objections are settled or put aside are simple direct instructions for returning the mind to its original condition and in so doing intentionally awakening to the truth of our origin and indeed the origin of any and everything. 

Tools needed: Consciousness, A mind (imagination, self image), deep self reflection and resolve. Amount of time needed: Can be done very quickly depending upon one's resolve.  Pitfalls: Some of us may find it difficult to turn our attention inward, in that case it is suggested that in every matter we honestly entertain the proposal that this entire universe is a single conscious being.

Notice how wordy and full of specialized terms the discussion becomes. In fact any and everyone has equal access, without discrimination, to the truth of their own origin.  Turn your attention inward, identify the voice and images of your imagination, watch them carefully, see where they rise up from and let them settle back into the original consciousness that they rise out of.  We all have equal access to that one truth and can share equally and enjoy the understanding and reasoning that flows from that awakening. It takes some deep self reflection and resolve but it can be done quickly and we are all capable of doing it if we want to.   




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