Newpath Tenrikyo - Miki Nakayama's - MODEL STORY - Accommodation


We human beings have a difficult time understanding the intention in the teachings that lead to single-heartedness with our original consciousness, the truth of our origin. For that reason it was necessary for Moonsun to identify the sources of our problems and to craft accommodations that are familiar enough to us to allow for a channel of communication to be opened. In this way the sincere and compassionate effort to teach the people who wished to hear the truth of  the original cause of all things is maintained as a model of teaching each person according to their time, place and level of maturity. 

It is a given that the approach that is quick, intentional awakening offered in these pages is not for everyone at this time, however it may be appropriate for someone and in the spirit of compassionate accommodation is offered now just as it was at the beginning of the Path. Which is not to say that other compassionate accommodations are wrong, they are simply deemed to be suitable for different times, places and levels of maturity.  If we each awaken our own self to the distinction between our original consciousness and our imaginary self consciousness or self centered imaginings and help only one other person to do the same, then the world will surely soon settle into the realization of a joyous life for all.  

Joyous life for all