Newpath Tenrikyo - Miki Nakayama's - MODEL STORY - FEAR


The Model Story of Miki Nakayama clearly shows us the significant role that fear played in Miki's life prior to her awakening as the Shrine of Moonsun. Of course those same fears, varying only in style and custom were shared to a large extent by her contemporaries living all over the world both in her time and in all of the previous times and places that made up the long journey of human beings up to that time. Worldly common ideas about the causes and cures of the things that frightened Miki and her contemporaries continue to be to be held as "worldly common, truths of the world" for a large part of the current world population. It is up to us to decide whether or not that pitiful situation will continue uncorrected into the uncertain future of the species.

It is an important feature of the Model Story then that we recognize and understand that Miki, her family, friends and contemporaries labored under and in many cases suffered because of the worldly common - truths of the world that their imaginations held onto as being absolute truths.  That their experience and view of the world was bound by and to those truths was, as we can see by Miki's model after becoming the Shrine of Moonsun, the opposite of the free and unlimited workings that flow from a human mind that has awakened through the "mind like clear water" to the one truth of origin and can clearly make and understand the distinction between the original consciousness of all and the imaginary workings of the self centered imagination attached to the idea of being an entity separate from the rest of the universe.

 Though fear ceased to play a role in Miki's life after her awakening as the Shrine of Moonsun, it continued to do so in the lives of her family and the villagers living on the Yamato Plain and indeed in the lives of people all over the world.  We are indeed fortunate to have a model that so clearly shows in detail the difference between a mind that is motivated by fear and a mind of free and unlimited workings that flow from the truth of origin. Our task then in following her model is to be sure that we are identifying with her mind after her awakening as the Shrine of Moonsun and cut with the worldly common truths that caused her to suffer before awakening as the Shrine of Moonsun. To help us to get this right we are given the "mind like clear water" as ultimate guide to distinguishing between our original consciousness and the common worldly creations of our imagination. 

All of the topics below appear in Miki's Model Story, in each case there was and continues to be is a worldly common interpretation and an interpretation that is in accord with the mind of God,  Moonsun, our parent of origin. The most common pitfall in this work of distinguishing the original from the imaginary is the tendency to replace one worldly common truth with another worldly common truth.  It is important to note that when we seek the truth of a thing in the mind like clear water, those things that are seen as they actually are will be distinguished from those things that owe their existence solely to our imagination. For instance there are real and true things to be afraid of but there is no reason why we should be afraid of or cause other people to suffer over things that only exist in our imaginations.

When we speak of the truth of something we should keep in mind that when testing the truth of something, for instance seeing if it still exists when our imagination is settled as the mind like clear water, the test may return either a positive it truly exists, or a negative it truly doesn't exist, result.  It is understood in this teaching that our minds contain a number of common worldly truths that we use to create relationships and to inform our views and opinions about our self and the exterior world. In this Model Story worldly common truths are acknowledged as true to us and in most cases their use and merits are not challenged. There is however an exception: Many of the worldly common truths that populated Miki's mind prior to her awakening were negated by the mind and teachings of Moonsun as they were the source of her suffering and the removal of human suffering is of course the crucial feature of her Model Story.

Fear of illness was very close to the primary cause of the dissatisfaction that was stealing the joy of the Nakayama family.  At the time it was widely accepted that although doctors and medicine played a role in the healing of the body, the actual root cause of illness and trouble was assumed by many to be supernatural.  When we look at the Miki's Model Story we clearly see that the Nakayama family believed that their physical problems had a supernatural cause and to find relief from those supernatural causes spared no expense in employing the services of a healing monk to exorcise the gods and daemons that were affecting the family's health.  Indeed it was during just such a  healing ceremony employing ritual magic that Miki, acting as a medium, sincerely responded to the instruction to empty her mind and in so doing unintentionally awakened as the Shrine of Moonsun. 

After completely settling her imagination and awakening to the point of view that is the mind of Moonsun, Miki took the position that to the awakened human mind, illness, ritual magic, daemons and curses don't truly exist except in the self-centered imagination.  From the point of view of Moonsun, the point of view that we are all invited to awaken to, illness, ritual magic and daemons are worldly common truths taught by God in the early part of the human journey.  For that reason we are taught that the fact that human imaginations do not know the truth of origin is natural and understandable as the truth of their origin is something that we had never been taught.  The idea of each of us being a totally separate autonomous self is a marvel of evolution. Our species is still very young but that idea of separation has already become a problem. Our necessary survival instincts have in many cases turned into fathomless greed and selfishness.  Our failure to connect with one another as we go about our business caring only for ourselves has for many led to painful ideas of alienation and depression and mental suffering. Moonsun, through Miki and in response to our complaints of suffering, set out to open a path so that all human beings equally and without discrimination could return, know and understand the original consciousness that is the real truth of their origin.

Though illness and even death do not exist for the mind that has awakened and is in accord with Moonsun's mind there is in the poetry of Moonsun a recognition that there exists such a thing as disorders of the body and troubles and that those disorders of the body and troubles should be understood not as evil but as hastening and guidance.  This is not just playing with words by calling the same thing by two different names. From Moonsun's point of view there is a real distinction between the human experience of illness and troubles as evils that are experienced by one's idea of a totally autonomous body associated with a self image, and disorders of the body and troubles as hastening and guidance to quickly return the both the body and our self image to their original pristine condition.  And in so doing awaken to the understanding that this entire universe is a single, immortal, conscious being. That we are things borrowed from and lent by the original One.  Our ideas of self, our self image, who we imagine our self to be is a marvelous abstraction from the whole.  Everything that has ever been known comes to us as a loan from the original consciousness, even our self centered imaginations and our dreams. In fact it is the understanding of this distinction between the original and the imaginary that is at the very heart of the teaching of single hearted salvation. 

Referring to the point made above we are told to test for ourselves and understand the truth of this teaching in detail.  Reasonably it seems natural enough that the person that I am is comprised of a body and a mind or just a body that is capable of generating a mind.  These assumptions seem straight forward and when pondered usually result in ideas that are either dual in nature, "the mind body problem" or material in nature, " the mind is just a function of the brain.  In both cases it is assumed that a human body is an autonomous entity separate from the rest of nature and that consciousness means self-consciousness or self image or who I imagine myself to be.  To test the truth of this assumption of total autonomy we are instructed to totally quiet our imagination (make our mind like clear water) and see what remains.  

I can't speak for anyone else's view through the mind like clear water so I will report on my own view through the mind like clear water and the reasoning that flows from it. Everyone is of course invited to honestly and sincerely test the distinction between the original and the imaginary through their own totally settled and purified mind like clear water and see the truth of any and everything for their own self.  The process of returning the mind to its original pristine condition, the mind like clear water, and honestly reasoning from the point of view of the remaining result is the reason of heaven.