Newpath Tenrikyo - Miki Nakayama's - MODEL STORY - Service


To intentionally awaken to the truth of origin requires some effort or work on our part. This Model Story provides a comprehensive view of the tremendous difficulties involved in the design and execution of that work. It was one thing to design and teach the services and quite another to convince people to sincerely complete them. 

Over a fifty or so year period Moonsun, speaking through Miki Nakayama, taught a number of services that were appropriate for the time, place and level of maturity of those who wished to learn them. In every case the work or service is intended to be a means of calming and quieting the self-centered imagination so that it will be able to ponder the reason of heaven that flows from the truth of origin expressed as the teaching that this entire universe is the body of God and our bodies are things borrowed from God.

It was intended that those who Moonsun taught directly to would be first to complete the services that were crafted for them and then spread out around the world, following the example of our Parent of Origin by employing all means to craft services appropriate for their time, place and maturity. 

Although we ended up in the regrettable situation where God the Parent, even after almost fifty years of tireless effort, lamented that no one was able to understand Her intention, it is not a lost cause. There are still many people performing the first half of the Services and it is not too late to start on the second half - "try the pondering". The instruction is always to sweep and ponder.  What does that mean, I can hear someone say. The full service instruction is to calm the mind, make it like clear water and then when the self-centered imagination rises up again, which it will, ponder deeply the truth that this entire universe is a single conscious being. Recall what the mind like clear water knows. There is no idea of separation in the mind like clear water. We are an abstraction of the original whole. Reason from that point of view and savor the freedom and joy that flows from it.