Metaphorically our minds can be viewed as water. The metaphors "dust", "debris", "mud" graphically help us to identify the problem that is the self-centered imagination remaining in ignorance of its true origin. The truth that is sought then is to be found in the mind that has completed the work of being swept clean or in settling to clear water so that the distinction between clear and muddy becomes understood. The mind like clear water clearly reveals the truth of origin; the work, service "Tsutome" then is the sweeping, filtering, clearing and settling that results in the purification of the mind so that the truth of origin can be understood through it. Then there is the work of "digging up the root" of illness and suffering through pondering in all matters the truth that this universe is the body of God, that all human bodies are things lent things borrowed and following the reasoning that flows from the proof of that assertion in all matters. If there is suffering of any kind related to a body and idea of ownership of that body is quickly returned to the original truth that the idea of ownership arose from then who is there remaining to suffer?  There is the work of helping other people who are suffering from illness or trouble who have been given up by medicine or have given up hope by teaching them to quiet their mind  or by helping them to surrender their suffering to a higher power. This kind of work done sincerely also has the benefit of settling our own mind. Of course there is also the work of excavating the depths of  one's own mind to reveal its core and in so doing letting loose the joy that flows freely and unlimitedly from that core.  We should also not forget the work of helping each other in all things and in so doing emulating the parental love, compassion and intention of the truth of our origin, gradually and sincerely making our mind and God's mind one in intention. 

Since this work or service is something that we have never done before as we go about our work we may want to know if we are doing the work correctly. At each stage of our effort and in every matter we are encouraged to compare our work with the Model that has been provided and in so doing filter out any imperfections or flaws that may be influencing in our effort.