Filters - The teaching of the path or way to return to the truth of origin is chock full of "filters".  The ultimate filter being the "mind like clear water".  The filters are provided so that the aspirant can use them in their work or service to sincerely and honestly purify their mind, gradually settling the self centered imagination so that only the one truth of origin remains. To see how this works a sincere aspirant, one who is willing, open to reason  and  who wishes to hear of this truth can start off by quickly gathering up the common worldly truths that we each hold in our mind and by comparing them with the mind like clear water safely and confidently toss them away, at least for the time being, relying instead on the one truth that permanently resides beneath them.  This sincere effort is immediately rewarded by free and unlimited workings. Which is to say that the mind like clear water is not bound by worldly common truths and expectations. The mind like clear water understands and sees things new and fresh, as they are, as opposed to how we might imagine them to be when we are bound by common worldly truths.  If after tasting and savoring the truth of origin the awakened aspirant wants to put any or all of those worldly common and common worldly truths back into their self centered imagination they are also free to do so. 

It can be said that the entire Model Story of Miki Nakayama is a filter as it provides a very clear before and after comparison that we can use to compare the way in which we are currently using our own mind.  Before awakening Miki, her family and many other people of the world were suffering from evils beyond their control. After awakening as the Shrine of Moonsun Miki no longer suffered from those evils but her family and other people of the world continued to do so.  For the aspirant then, it is important to distinguish between the content of Miki's mind before awakening and after awakening. The Model Story provides us with the opportunity to do that. It is an important gift of information.