NEWPATH TENRIKYO - TERMS - Free and Unlimited


Free and Unlimited - When we look at the Model Story of Miki Nakayama we see a vivid example of a family lost in the darkness of their self centered imaginations. They were in fact prisoners of a world view that included various pieties, fears, illnesses and troubles attributed to the workings of local gods and spirits over which they had no control and which they could only hope to exorcise with the help of a rather expensive ritual performed by a healing  monk. I think I may once have been told the names of a least two of the gods that were cursing them and causing them trouble but since Miki's awakening permanently altered her view point she was free of being bound by common worldly interpretations of illness, troubles, curses, high and low status, ritual magic and the like that were causing she and her family to suffer. Upon awakening Her mind was then said to be free and unlimited in its view point and workings as it was settled in the distinction between the original truth and the worldly common truths of the imagined self that were a characteristic of her society at that time and place.  Miki as the Shrine of Moonsun made a point of noting that from the point of view of the truth of origin, none of those causes for anxiety, worry and fear in truth exits.  In her later day to day actions she made a point of being free of conventional common truths, which of course got Her into trouble with traditional authorities and the keepers of worldly common consensus realities.