NEWPATH TENRIKYO - TERMS - Appearing on the page- Miki Nakayama





  • Worldly Common (Sekai nami) If you can form a mental image, an idea, think it, that image or idea is said to be worldly common. It is not a criticism it is just a fact. We are instructed to cut with imagined worldly common truths and truths of the world just long enough to awaken to what remains when they are quiet. We are also assured that there is nothing whatsoever to fear in doing this. Turning inward this matter is between God, who loves and protects us, and our self. As concerns the world, no one can read our mind and this dialogue between God and our self centered imagination is no one else's concern. 
  • Truths of the World (Sekai no ri)  Truths of the world have noting inc common with the truth of origin and are not what this path is about.  It is not a judgment but just a fact that ordinary ways of thinking are an obstacle to understanding the original cause of all things.  (see A GLOSSARY OF TENRIKYO TERMS  for examples of how these two terms were used)
Cut with the worldly common and truths of the world for just long enough to awaken to what remains.