Newpath Tenrikyo - TIMBERS / "YOBOKU"


Timbers are ordinary people who have made helping others to awaken to the truth of origin their first priority.  Metaphorically Timbers are instruments to be used by the truth of origin in the recreation of a world of joy and satisfaction for everybody. At the finest grain level there may be as many ways for a human mind to clear, settle and awaken to the truth of origin as there are human beings. Timbers then go about their work relying only on the one truth while trying to find ways to open new paths of single-heartedness with the truth of origin. Such people can be referred to as pathfinders, intermediaries or timbers as they go about the task of trying to find new paths of single hearted sincerity that are appropriate for whatever time, place and level of maturity that they may be working in.

In general the work of Timbers falls into three broad categories that address dissatisfaction in whatever form and attempt to turn that dissatisfaction into true satisfaction in all circumstances:

  1. Teaching ways to intentionally and quickly prove the truth that this universe is the body of God and that human beings are things borrowed from God by arranging work (service) opportunities for true sincerity to settle in the mind thus making it suitable for pondering and awakening to that one truth (Sweeping and Pondering.)

  2. Working with (serving) the those suffering from illness (particularly those who have been given up by medicine) and trouble by administering or receiving or ideally awakening the power of the origin "Sazuke". As in the circumstance of the true sincerity shown in Miki's awakening by emptying her mind and surrendering, leaning entirely on God.

  3. And finally the work (service) of sincere performance of good works done selflessly, again with the intention of making the mind suitable for surrendering to or pondering the one truth.

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