Newpath Tenrikyo - Miki Nakayama's - MODEL STORY

The Model Story contains reminiscences of those who were close enough to Miki Nakayama to have memories of her, the results of research done by scholars and followers interested in her life and most importantly the body of work tirelessly assembled after October 26, 1838 at which time Miki was settled as the "Shrine of Moonsun" and began to lay down a Model Path "Hinagata" of single heartedness with the truth of origin for all human beings. 

Well might we ask at this point why it is beneficial to delve into Miki's life prior to the evening of October 23, 1838 when her life changed so extremely and entirely? I take the position that an examination of the whole story of Miki's life provides us with a clear cut model that we can use to compare and contrast Miki's life before awakening the truth of origin and after awakening to the truth of origin. Recalling that awakening is something that she expected all human beings to be able to do and with her guidance to do quickly at that. 

 Because this Model Story has been maintained, this comparison is something that anyone can do if they so desire and are willing to put some sincere work or effort into it. By extension we then have the opportunity to compare our own mind with the mind that has awakened to the truth of origin and adjust our use of mind accordingly. When examined and compared in this way both honestly and sincerely, large obstacles to intentional awakening will fall away quickly and naturally, allowing free and unlimited workings to flow freely from the truth that has been always been present but which is now exposed.  The entire Model Story can then be seen as a filter to remove worldly common thinking from our work at awakening.

I will attempt to examine the whole of the Model Story of Miki Nakayama by exploring some of its basic elements:


The intention in exploring these elements of the Model Story is not the common one of historical or biographical interpretation, rather it is in keeping with the instructions to ponder over the events of the past. Those events of the past include the entire human journey until now and the common worldly truths that we as a species have have accumulated, honestly reviewing our triumphs as well as pondering the results of our failures.  We are also instructed to ponder over the way in which the path of single-heartedness was laid down from the beginning. That might sound like a small thing but it is of great importance to the task of keeping the Path open and pointed in the right direction.  Hopefully I will be able to stay focused on the "truth of origin" as the foundation for my reasoning in this effort.  In each case it will be necessary to visit our worldly common truths and by comparing those truths with the one truth of origin, as known and understood through the mind like clear water. Each of us making adjustments and corrections to our reasoning as we go deeper into the truth of our self, eventually  finding our way back to our original pristine identity, our true and original self.  Our service to that truth is rewarded with awakening either gradually or quickly (depending upon our sincerity)  to  the settling of a new foundation for our self image and reasoning process, a foundation to support a new, free and unlimited experience of joyous life. 

As we move through these pages we will see that in every case we are hastened expose the one truth, the one original consciousness that is always present as the core of our own mind.