On verse 58-74, Part I

Date: 4/6/00 9:07:55 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: kuni@mahoroba.ne.jp (Kuniharu Shimizu)

John, you skipped the verse 61;

Ponder well: however dear she may be to you, her parent,

you can do nothing if she is out of hands of God. 1-61

In these verses from 58 to 74, Ofudesaki refers to particular persons at

particular time in particular places. I shall write a little comment about

that. I think such will give another angle to the verses.

You say that you wish to train the child for two or three more

years. But she is no longer in the hands of God 1-60

Shuji had a common-law wife named Oyaso prior to another common-law wife

named Ochie. Oyaso gave birth to a daughter, Oshu. At around the time the

verse was written, Oshu was just about the age ready for marrying. Shuji, as

her father, was planning to make Oshu take some training or deciplines so

that she could be a happy and able housewife.

The verse foretells the passing away of this daughter Oshu. She was said to

posess the soul of Kumoyomi no Mikoto. Oyasama's plan was to make Oshu pass

away, and be reborn as a legitimate child between Shuji and Matsue(legitimate

wife). Reborn child is Tamae, who later married the 1st. Shinbashira, and gave birth to the

2nd. Shinbashira.

This world is mixed with wrongdoing.

You must not attach yourself to bad causation 1-62

In all Ofudesaki verses, "bad causation" appears only in this verse. "Bad

causation" here refers to the illegitimate marriage.

From now, replace your mind firmly.

Sweep away the wrongdoing and take a young wife. 1-65

Shuji was 49 years old then. The young wife refers to Matsue, who was 19 and

the second daughter of the Kohigashi family. Matsue was said to possess the

soul of Taishokuten no Mikoto. She was to be one of the Service Performers.

Of the five, keep two at home,God will take charge of the other three. 1-68

At the Kohigashi family, there were five children, Osaku(female), Matsue(f),

Masataro(m), kamekichi(m), and Otokichi(m). Matsue was drawn to the

Residence through the marriage. Osaku married to Matsumura family(Takayasu

Grand Church). So, these two children became in charge of God. I do not know about another child. I am not sure if these numbers apply to just any

family, like John generalized "the correct number of children is five". What

we need to be aware is; we just accept what God says without any human

thoughts and doubts.

I bring you together according to the causality of your previous

lives and protect you. This settles the matter for all time. 1-78

We sometimes refer to married couple the "soul mates". The words are indeed

true according to the above verse. Only problem is that most couple does not

fully realize what "soul mates" really means. God says there is God's

definite intention behind all marriage. The intention is to give the

couple a chance to work on each other's causation by seeing the other as a mirror, and


together they can walk on the path to the Joyous Life.

It is interesting to find in these verses the different senses of time,

God's time and human's time. God carries out things in the span of several

generations whereas human are only concerned with foreseeable future and his

own life time.

That's all for now. We can now move to Part 2.