Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

1/29/00 - Lewis

Book I Verses 15-20

At this time, begin the Teodori quickly.

That will be the sign for miraculous things to come.

Speaking of the sign and miracles, they are not yet seen.

When the day arrives, you will understand clearly.

When the day arrives and understanding comes,

whoever you may be, you will all be filled with admiration.

To teach of these things after they appear is the way of the world.

I teach of things before they appear.

Hereafter, I desire that those in high places

gradually calm their minds and make peace.

This peace may seem difficult to attain,

but it will come step by step through God's protection.

A brief resume: We are told that we do not know the Heart of the Parent. We are also told that we are not to blame for that ignorance. We are promised that we can know the Heart of the Parent, the truth of origin, the truth of all things in detail. We are warned that knowing the Heart of the Parent is not the same as using words that refer to the, still unknown, Heart of the Parent. We are taught that the state of our minds becomes the state of God's mind, becomes the state of the world. We are instructed to make our mind spirited, which in turn will make God's mind spirited and which in turn will make the world prosper. Now, if we were clearly able to distinguish our mind from God's mind and see how that relationship shapes the world then we indeed would be able to say that we know the true Heart of the Parent, the truth of Origin and the truth of all things in detail. If however we are only able to see our own self centered thinking, as is most often the case, then the Parent of Origin has provided for us the means for preparing our mind to distinguish that fundamental truth. The means for opening the mind to the true heart of the Parent is the performance of the Kagura and the Teodori.

Looking now at verses 15-20 of Book I.

The theme continues. The performance of the Teodori is hastened and with it is the promise that its performance will be "the sign for miraculous things to come". Verse 16 refers to the fact that the Shrine of MoonSun (remember the relationship of reflection, man's mind, God's mind) has already been teaching for thirty years and yet the promise remains unfulfilled because the day has not yet arrived and no one understands clearly. Verse 17 tells us when that day will be. It will be when understanding comes. Understanding of what we may ask? Certainly it is the understanding of the true Heart of the Parent, the truth of Origin, the Original cause and the truth of all things in detail. That is what these poems are all about.

Verse 18 returns to the warning given in verse 4. The way of the world is to string words together in to ideas, concepts, beliefs and opinions. The teaching of the Parent of Origin is not concerned with beliefs and opinions rather it is about the original cause, the truth of Origin that pre-exists words ideas and opinions. Indeed it is the cause that makes it possible for words, ideas and opinions to appear in the world. Think of the beautiful light of the moon. It can only appear by reflecting the original light of the sun. To know only the face of the moon is to know nothing of the origin of its light. To say that the Parent teaches of things before they appear refers to the fact that the Parent of Origin teaches exclusively about the truth of Origin. The assumption being that after understanding that truth each of us will live freely and unrestrictedly.

We all have ideas, beliefs and opinions and we are probably experienced enough to know that no two minds are ever exactly the same in their ideas, beliefs and opinions. Holding our own ideas, beliefs and opinions as absolutely true, in ignorance of the truth of Origin, often leads to conflict both between peoples and in many cases within our own mind. I am sure that we all know of people who are in conflict with themselves. Perhaps the most radical and painful manifestation of the conflict between ideas and beliefs is the harm that we do to each other. The most dramatic example being warfare. Verse 19 clearly shows the model of the truth of the Parental Heart. No side, belief or opinion is taken or endorsed. Instead the way to peace is shown to be the calming of the mind.

Verse 20 addresses the fear that we might experience when asked to let go of our worldly common truths and melt back into the true Heart of the Parent. One could say that through the performance of the Service the mind is step by step calmed until at last "the day arrives and understanding comes". Today could be that day. There is nothing to fear in the embrace of the true Parental Heart.

January 4, 1887 Osashizu

"Sah, sah, the time is ripe and pressing. I have already told you everything but you have not understood at all. No matter how much I explain, there is no one who understands."