Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

Detail - I.1

In the past I have tried to universalize and personalize my comments on these verses, taking the point of view of a person who reads the verse without any idea of the context that it was written in. Though I still believe that such an approach is valid, as the context will be less and less accessible as time goes by, there are still people who are aware of portions of the context and who find it useful for interpreting the poems. So let's take a closer look at each verse within what is thought to be the context in which it was written.

Looking all over the world and through all ages,
I find no one who has understood My heart.

This verse appears in Book I, which was finished in 1869. Miki Nakayama became the shrine of MoonSun in 1838. In that thirty year period she had been unable to get even one single person to understand her true Heart.

So should it be for I have never taught it to you.
It is natural that you know nothing.

I am looking at Rev. Inoue's "The Life and Chronology of the Foundress", here are some of the entries for the period 1838 to 1869.

The Grant of Safe-childbirth.

Oyasama carries out excessive acts of charity

Kokan goes to Osaka to spread the teachings

Ardent followers born among worshipers

Foundress twice proceeds to Ando Village for mission work

Foundress urges the foundation of fellowships

Foundress begins to grant Sazuke

Foundress composes songs and arranges dance for the 12 chapters of the Mikagura Uta

All of this and much more adds up to "I have never taught it to you. It is natural that you know nothing." What is happening here? I believe that Oyasama intends that each and every one of us is to come to know Her heart. That becomes a problem for us when we confuse knowing Oyasama's heart with the numerous efforts that Oyasama has made to make that possible. So, although Oyasama had taught all kinds of things and many people were repeating what she said and devoting themselves to her, she was from Her point of view, still unable to awaken anyone. Put another way. The repetition of Oyasama's words and even living in accord with what one imagines them to mean is not the same as knowing Oyasama's heart. This is a very important point.

This situation of our knowing nothing is one that Oyasama takes responsibility for herself. She does not blame Her children. She is aware of the problem of the self-centered imagination and had for thirty years been struggling with the solution.

I stress here that the parental heart shown in the Divine Model is none other than single-heartedness with God. ( Centennial Anniversary of Oyasama, Sermon on February 18, 1986