Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

Verse  I -3

At this time, I, God, reveal Myself
and teach the truth of all things in detail.

It would not be unreasonable for a scholar or even a general reader to assume that the above verse marks the beginning of Oyasama's revelation and teaching. It would also not be unreasonable to expect that what would follow this verse would be the ideas that amounted to at least the truth of the Oyasama's heart, the truth of the Jiba, the truth of the Residence of God, the truth of origin and the truth of the original cause of all things, as that is what is promised in the first six verses. From an ordinary worldly common point of view those would be reasonable assumptions.

Oyasama does not however operate from an ordinary worldly common point of view. The truths listed above are labels to indicate aspects of one truth. For instance, one addresses God's nature, another where God dwells, yet another God's actions, there are yet other labels for god's providence and others for God's intentions. God uses them to approach our worldly common thinking. These ideas (labels) are tools to communicate with our accumulated misunderstanding. They are ideas to indicate the one truth as approached from many different human angles and points of view. Though they are ideas they do not indicate ideas or the accumulation of ideas. One could memorize all of the words and the poems and the commentaries and fit everything into nicely crafted ideas and concepts and still not know the heart of God, the truth of Origin, the truth of Jiba, the truth of the Residence of God and the original cause of all things.

Whenever Oyasama teaches it is always with the intensity that now is the first time. If one didn't awaken before then this is the first time and one will awaken this time. Each time She expects that awakening will be accomplished this time, now! Thus it is always possible to awaken even now at this moment!


Because this is the path to save all mankind set by Oyasama it is reasonable that She will bring the ideas by which to save all mankind into each of our minds at the appropriate time and place. This begins with individual self reflection and resolve. There are no restrictions as to the place or the time. It is possible even at this place and at this moment. ( CENTENNIAL ANNIVERSARY OF OYASAMA Sermon on February 18, 1986)