Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


Verse  I, 5

When you learn of this origin in full,
a great yearning will come over you, whoever you may be.

It seems clear that the "origin" spoken of here is the same as "God's heart" spoken of in verse I. Again looking at the context of the poems, by 1869, when these verses were written, there was considerable devotional and missionary activity centered in Oyasama, the Jiba and the Residence of God in Yamato. However, from Oyasama's point of view, still nothing is known concerning the origin, Her true heart. It is as though Oyasama is speaking about something that is completely different from what is going on around Her. These verses are directed to Her family, people she lives with and speak with every day. Certainly if it were just a matter of ideas She could have taught them the origin in full in the thirty years since Her own awakening.

Concerning the "great yearning". I believe that this refers to the experience of freedom and free and unlimited workings that fills the mind that knows God's heart. For the person who knows nothing but the bondage of the self centered imagination complacency is easy. However, once the mind tastes the freedom of knowing the origin, the memory of that freedom begins to work at the bonds.

If we can grasp the true meaning of the parental love shown in Her Divine Model, we shall then see things we had not been able to see before. We shall understand things we were not able to understand before, we shall be joyful over things that gave us no joy before, and we shall be infused with high spirits we had not known before. A new path of single hearted salvation will surely be opened before us. (Centennial Anniversary of Oyasama Sermon on 2/18/86)