Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

Shimizu - I,1-6

I agree with you in that the reference to the context is useful to
understand certain Ofudesaki verses. Important thing is to grasp what
Oyasama has to say. Looking into the context is one means to help the

For instance, when we look at verses concerning Shuji and Kokan, checking
out the historical context gives us better understanding.
For the verse 1 to 6, I do not feel much necessity to refer to the context.

Oyasama told many things to the then followers. But we have tendency to
forget what we hear. Also, when written, the content remains the same
through all time, and we can go back to it any time to savor the teaching
contained in it.

Oyasama also mentioned that Ofudesaki was the foundation of the teachings,
containing all the teachings in it.

Ofudesaki is a complete book, covering everything she had told by then, and
things she had not told by then. Ofudesaki is meant to be read through all
time, at all places.

Now, my comment on the verse 1-6.

Verse 1 and 2.
God the Parent waited the arrival of the promised time to tell us what we
all should know, that is, God's Heart. We should know the reason why God
created the humankind and the world, how God constructed humankind and the
world, what the goal is and the way to get there, and how God provides to
help us reach that goal. Knowing these means to know the original cause of
all things, and that will answer all of our questions in life.

Verse 3. We see that God teaches the truth of all things in detail. God can
do that because it is this God who indeed initiated all things.

Verse 4. Among all things, the Jiba is mentioned here. This is because the
Jiba is the core of all things, the very origin of all things.
According to the story of original creation, the whole thing started with an
idea of creation that came to God's mind, and that creation took place at
the Jiba. The Jiba is the home of all humankind and is where God, our
Parent, resides.

Verse 5. When we know where our original home is ,who our original parent
is, and why we live, a great yearning will rise up in our mind.

Verse 6. The great yearning will motivate us to know more. We need to be
motivated before God can tell us anything.

I think these verses are about the true identity of all humankind. Speaking
of identity, each one of us has the individual identity. Since this
indivisual one gets shaky sometimes, we encounters identity crises. Each one
of us need much more secure identity, the true identity. This is the
identity revealed by the Creater. God's Heart is filled with the desire to
tell the true identity because it will assure the true happiness for each
one of us. When we know where we can find it, we become eager to go and find
it out.