Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.



Looking all over the world and through all ages,
I find no one who understands my heart.

So should it be, for I have never taught it to you.
It is natural that you should know nothing.

At this time, I, God, reveal Myself
and teach the truth of all things in detail.

You are calling this place the Jiba, the Residence of God,
in Yamato, but you may not know the origin.

When you learn of this Origin in full,
a great yearning will come over you, whoever you may be.

If you wish to know and will come to Me,
I will teach you the original cause of all things.

These six verses are crucial for those who would know the truth of Origin. In these verses Oyasama very gently informs her family (us then and now) that though we are using certain labels and places, we perhaps do not know what they are meant to indicate or point to. In other words there is a high probability that we do not know what we are talking about when we use these names or labels. I have often found myself in that very situation and so this time, as I am eager to know and understand , I will be especially careful to know the real truth of Origin. I expect that I will have to tread carefully as there are already many questions that come to mind.

First: Oyasama wrote these verses to people that she lived with and could see, teach and interact with every day. What is it about the truth of Origin that made is so difficult for them to understand? Was there something more that Oyasama could or should have done or was there something more that was necessary for them to do in order to understand?

Second: It seems to me that the terms "understand my heart" and "the original cause of all things" are equivalent. Knowing that just adds a couple more labels, I still don't know the true origin by knowing the words or labels but I think that I will note the equivalence as it may help me to sort out the poems later on.

So, using words and places is not the same as understanding the heart of God, the knowledge of the origin of all things. I'll bite. I might like to know the origin of all things. But I might just ask why? What good will it do me?