Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

2/11/00 Book I. 21-28 Lewis

A brief summary of the first twenty verses of Book I,: No one understands God's true heart, the Original cause and truth of all things. Even after thirty years of effort, no one was able to get beyond speculation, words and concepts to the real substance of the truth. Trying once again in poetry, MoonSun asks that we understand the true relationship between the state of our individual mind, the state of God's mind and the state of the world. We can easily see the world but there is a good chance that we may not be aware of the impact that the state of our mind has on it. We can with some small effort become aware of our own mind but I think that it is correct to say that in most instances our state can be described as being "lost in the darkness of our own self centered imagination without any reliable guide". As for God's mind, how does one see or know God's mind if not by words and ideas?

Our ordinary self-centered thinking seeks to know and understand God's mind in the same way we know or understand everything else, as a mental or physical object. However we cannot know God's mind as an object of our own self centered thoughts. Recall that this three-way relationship shows an identity (a sameness). By returning to our origin we awaken to being one with God's mind, which is the original cause and truth of any and everything. That condition is in fact always the truth of things but we ordinarily just don't see it that way because we are distracted and infatuated with the marvelous creative power of our own self centered thoughts.

Finding that to be the case MoonSun opened the path of the Kagura and Teodori services which when performed sincerely will calm and purify the mind of self centered thinking, returning it to its Origin. In case we might wonder why we should bother with returning to the Origin, MoonSun provided an example of the kind of benefits that it can bestow. By step by step calming our minds and returning to the Origin peace and prosperity will come to our world. Continuing on now with this theme of the state of our minds becoming the state of the world lets look at verses I, 21-28.

This world is constructed on reason.

So I shall press upon you everything with the reason in verse.

I shall press, though not by force or word of mouth.

I shall press by the tip of My writing brush.

It is all very well if you err in nothing.

But should you err, I shall inform you by verse.

I pity you because My warnings become manifest.

Know that any illness is from the mind.

What you are calling an illness is not an ordinary one.

It is the anger of God now being shown.

Because you have not obeyed the words of God even until now,

I could not avoid showing it.

So much of God's regret is now being shown,

the matter is beyond the help of doctors and medicines.

Never think of this one matter as being ordinary.

By all means, I shall admonish you with My verses.

The first example of the state of our mind becoming the state of the world that was given was the large scale human theme of war and peace and the suffering and joy that is understood through that theme. This next example given brings the relationship right into the home. Put in context this is a dialog between mother and son. Recall what we know about the state of Shuji Nakayama's mind from some thirty years earlier on the day of Origin. Early in that day the Nakayama family shared a state of mind. The truth of the state of that mind resulted in the state of a the world where the family was suffering from the curses and arbitrary attentions of some of the local god's. This shared truth was resulting in illness and affliction for members of the Nakayama family. Later on that same day Miki became the Shrine of MoonSun and from that moment on the truth of her mind was no longer in accord with the truth of the rest of her family whose minds remained unchanged. Now thirty years later Shuji Nakayama was still suffering and blaming the shortcoming of his life on the curses of the gods. He would have been very content to have the gods change the world and his life but he was not willing to do the one thing that his mother was telling him that he must do. Change the state of his own mind and find out the truth of the mind of Origin. That change he was being told would be enough to change the state of his world to one of high spirits and joy.

Let's look at the reasoning here again: There is an original truth to be found in our own minds. Understanding that truth will yield a world of prosperity and joy for us. We cannot see or understand that truth and relish that prosperity and joy because we only can see the truth of our self centered thoughts which unfortunately in many cases are not finding joy in the world. The sincere performance of the Kagura and Teodori services will return our minds to their origin and provide an understanding of the heart of God, the truth and original cause of all things in detail and that understanding is itself the standpoint of joy.

There are lots of ways to interpret any poem. These poems are particularly provocative. Looking at these poems from within the context of the state and truth of Shuji's mind it seems clear and reasonable that MoonSun is addressing the truth of Suji's mind in a tireless effort to awaken it to the truth of Origin. Having looked at this example from within the context of Shuji's state of mind, a guy tormented by gods and curses let me switch to the state, the truth of my own mind and see if there is any substantial change in the instruction. In my own case I was raised in a different time and a different place than Shuji. There have never been any gods and curses as the state or truth of my mind. In every case I was conditioned to believe that god is the perfect model of parental love and that I could always count on god for love and protection. In short I was to love god and not to fear god.

Let us compare. The state of Shuji's mind was such that he felt that there was no use in him making any effort to change his mind or his world because he had no chance against the gods and without the aid of ritual magic he was powerless. The state of my youthful mind was such that I did not have any need to make any effort to change the state of my mind because god's perfect parental love would provide for me and forgive me anything. Does this sound like two guys out of touch or what?

The point here is that MoonSun is not trying to get people to think or have a state of mind like Shuji's, which She addresses in a way that is familiar to him. Nor is it to think or have a state of mind like mine, which She also addresses (I shall press but not by force or word of mouth) both in this Book and in later books in ways that are more familiar to me. The point is and for missionaries this is crucial, that She will do what is necessary to help all people to change the state of their mind from depressed to spirited; this is a process of removal (the services are about sweeping) and not a process of accumulation. Though the states of our minds, Shuj's and mine, seem quite different, we both share the same problem. Our self-centered thoughts are depressing the truth of the origin and so for both of us the prescription is the same. Sweep the mind so that it becomes a pure reflection of God's mind and in so doing bring joy back into the state of our world.

Sah, sah, do you think that I have become feeble with are or that I am having difficulty because of illness? I am not ill, nor am I feeble. I have taught you completely, step by step. Ponder over it well.

On the tenth, however, Oyasama's health failed again. Everyone was astonished.

Osashizu 1/9/1887

Two very different states of mind are clearly shown in the above Osashizu.

That doctors and medicine are not necessary is not My teaching. Being given up by doctors is like being thrown away. The foundation of My teachings is to save these sufferers. Understand Me well.

Osashizu 10/17/1893