Date: 2/14/00 11:39:05 PM Pacific Standard Time

From: (kuniharu shimizu)

My comment on I, verse 21 to 28

Verse 21 states that "This world is constructed on reason". Isn't this such a strong and very assuring statement? It is nice to know that everything is reasonable, nothing is unreasonable. And this is the very premise from where we start pondering the state of the world.

Verse 22, "The tip of My writing brush" is fudesaki in the original scripture. The name of this book comes from this term. "O" is an honorific.

Verse 23, God informs us if we should err. Though out the Ofudesaki, we find various words for God's informing. Call for one's service, guidance, road sign, admonition, regret, and anger.

John talked about the event prior to the day of Revelation. Along with Shuji's leg ailment, Zenbei, the husband had eye illness, and Oyasama with a backache. I think these conditions could be understood as God's call for one's service. God's call for Oyasama to be the Shrine of Tsukihi, and for Shuji and Zenbei, to be the initial core members of the Residence.

Verse 24,reveals the connection between the state of the world and the state of our mind. People ordinarily have difficulty seeing this vital connection. To see the connection is the first step to salvation.

Verse 25, the anger of God is not the same as our getting mad and being pissed off (sorry for the expression). It is not the self-centered anger. What is behind the word "anger of God" is God's compassion, God is never giving up on us. God informs us all, giving chances to re-direct our mind. For us who follow the path, how do we distinguish whether the information is God's call or admonishment, for example. To be honest, I do not know. But I do know that whatever information we receive is well intentioned, it is never a punishment.

When the informing takes the form of illness, we incline to see doctors and rely on medicines. There is nothing wrong with doctors and medicines. We just need to go further to appreciate the God's intention behind the form.

End of my comment.


Kuniharu Shimizu


Wishing Joyous Life for all