Re: Verse 45-50

Date: 3/12/00 11:11:10 PM Pacific Standard Time

From: (kuniharu shimizu)

These verses are very encouraging and promising for those who determine to

lead life according to the Teachings. They tell you what you are to expect

and the promise that awaits you.

To lead one's life according to the Teachings means to be single-hearted

with God the Parent, and this effort is likened to walking the path.

Verse 49 says that becoming single-hearted with God does not happen over

night. It is the step by step process. There is no short cut. And along the

path, there will be difficulties. If you decide to walk on this path, that

is what you need to understand. But do not let the difficulties scare you.

Oyasama leads your way and consequently you will surely walking on the broad

path, or enjoying Joyous Life.

The difficulties are; in one way, the result of the inner struggle that takes place within your mind, struggle between your worldly mind and your mind that try to be single-hearted with God. Cleansing the mind can only be achieved step by step.

In another way, the result of struggle between you and the worldly people

around you. Winning people's understanding is also step by step process.

Whatever the difficulties, you can overcome them because Oyasama is with you

all the way. That is what the verses promise.


John is suggesting an experiment. I read it, but I am not sure if I see how

it works. Is this experiment designed to help understand what these verses

are saying? I think these verses are pretty much self explanatory.


Kuniharu Shimizu


Wishing Joyous Life for all