Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

Date: 3/16/00 8:37:03 PM Pacific Standard Time

From: kuni@tenrikyo.or.jp (kuniharu shimizu)

I am writing in response to John's second view on verse 45-50 of chapter 1.

The five verses indeed summarize the path Oyasama herself walked.

The following is rather over simplifying the matter, but I try it anyway.


Let's say that a man had planted 10 bad seeds.

Over time, five of the seeds began to sprout one after another.


He got more depressed as more seeds sprouted. His days could be likened to the path of

thorns, flames and swords. And finally when the fifth seed began to sprout, he could not

take it any longer and seeks help in Tenrikyo.

He appreciated God's mind, and became aware that the bad sprouts that

tormented him were the results of the bad seeds he himself had planted.

He also became aware that the sprouting was God's way of warning the past

bad sowing, and of giving him chances to correct his past actions.

He finally comes to a narrow path.

With this awareness, he lives on. There are yet five more bad seeds to sprout.

Now that he can exercise the mind of tanno, or true satisfaction, he is

ready to face the next five sprouting. He will not be depressed as before.

Plus that, accepting his tanno mind, God will lessen the degree of

sprouting, from big bad to small bad, small bad to no bad at all.

The awareness may have come to him instantly, and have received the Sazuke.

But rooting out the bad seeds does take time. Awareness itself is not

sufficient. What counts is the action that follows. There is no short cut.

His path is still narrow and bumpy. Innen pops up here and there, and there

are days his mind is not spirited. What encourages him, though, is the model

of Oyasama, her attitude which was always spirited no matter what befell

upon her way.

He keeps walking on, dedicating his mind and body for the well-being of the

others and contributing by conveying the God's mind to them. He is now planting a lot of

good seeds.

His bad seeds are all rooted out now, or he may still have some more, in which case he will

work them out in the next life.

The broad path begins to open up.


John, am I following your discussion, or am I still missing the point or

view you are trying to make?



Kuniharu Shimizu


Wishing Joyous Life for all