Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


Date: 1/28/00 10:54:56 PM Pacific Standard Time

My comment on verse 7-14, Part 1

I agree with John in that these verses tell "promise" and " warning".

I think also that the word "spirited" is the key in these verses.Joyous Life, the goal of all humankind, is where everybody, not just a privileged few, is spirited. How do we achieve that? These verses tell the steps, and "spiritedness" plays essential role in each steps.

Verse 7 tells that becoming aware of the "truth of all things in detail", is the only way our mind become truly spirited.

The truth of all things in detail reveals: the reason why God created the humankind and the world,how God constructed humankind and the world,what the goal is and the way to get there, and how God provides to help us reach that goal.

As all these infomation settle in our mind, our thought become single-hearted to God. That means that we come to lean on God and hold deep gratitude to God, and begin to wish eagerly reflect these attitudes in daily conducts.

Such state of mind is called "spirited".

When our mind become spirited, what happens? Verse 9 says rich harvest and prosperity are what we get in return.For the villagers and farmers then, that is what they longed for.In the present time, we long for pretty much the same things.We long for the world free from all the environmental and social problems,no more wars and conflicts, no more domestic disputes, and such.

The warning is that unless our mind become spirited, God become depressed,which results in the troublesome state of the world.Our mind reflects on God's mind. We see God's state of mind through what is happening in the world around us.

If we are dissatified with the state of the world, and wish to change it,the way to go is to make God's mind spirited. God's mind can only be made spirited by our spirited mind. We make our mind spirited by settling the Truth in mind and live accordingly.

So, the state of our mind is the key. Is it just the awakening that makes difference in the world? Awakening is just one step, and that alone cannot make the difference. To change the state of the world is the God's doing. How can we induce the God's doing.?

God teaches the means. And that is to do the Kagura Service. The Service is the means by which God can ascertain the spiritedness of our mind. It is the oppotunity for us to show our spiritedness. The Service is not just a symbolic act. It actually has the power to make God spirited, and when God become spirited, God will brings forth the same enomous energy of the Original Creation to change the state of the world. Ofudesaki reveals more about the Kagura Service in latter parts.

So, the steps are: We settle the Truth in mind and become spirited. We show the spiritedness through the Kagura Service. God ascertain the spiritedness. Then God act upon the state of the world.

For individual level: A person encounters some trouble, and set out to search for solution.The person hears the Truth of all things in detail.The person settles the Truth in mind and become spirited. The person set out to help the others and pray for the others as the actions of the spiritedness. God receives the person's spiritedness. And then God work out the person's trouble.