Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


Having just been promised that by the performance of the Service we will escape any danger whatever and be saved from any illness no matter how serious, we continue on with the poems in anticipation of finding out just what service it is that will provide us with this marvelous salvation. 

X 21-24

As to the Service to be done,

it is none other than the Service of the Kanrodai.

We know by now that there is a real Kanrodai and a model Kanrodai and further that the purpose of the model Kanrodai is to help us to set up the real Kanrodai. We have also been taught that we should realize the truth by the words "clear" or "muddy" ( these metaphors of course refer to the two possible states of the human mind) and that currently the real Kanrodai cannot be set up because the water is too muddy to know it and secure its foundation. 

What do you think this Stand is?

It is the Parent of Nihon.

I suggest that this is a good point to pause and answer the question " what do I think the Kanrodai is?" The answer provided might be astonishing. The real Kanrodai is none other than the "Parent of Nihon", that is the one and only true Parent of origin. Again we find that we are at the core or the teaching but now an apparently local theme is put into the perspective of the Model of Parental Love. There is only one real Kanrodai and it identifies only one place, yet because the Model of Parental Love holds out salvation to all human beings without discrimination the real Kanrodai, the Parent of Origin, is accessible to all human beings in all times and places. This is certainly a matter to be pondered from the point of view that the whole universe is the body of God and that single-hearted salvation is what remains when the mind is settled as "the mind like clear water." 

If you but sincerely think this to be true,

Moonsun will discern it and assure anything whatever.

Concerning then, what we think to be true of the Kanrodai / Parent of Nihon, there are two aspects of a single intention shown here. That single intention is to provide single hearted salvation for all mankind without discrimination. The first aspect of that intention is that it will be fulfilled step by step, one mind at a time, in a manner that is appropriate for the time, the place and the spiritual maturity of all human beings. In keeping with the boundless Parental love shown in this tireless effort and regardless of the interpretation that any of the children might have as regards the Parent of origin, it is stressed that it is the sincerity of the child in serving the truth of the Parent that is embraced and assured in the Parent - child relationship. 

The second aspect of the intention shown in this verse is that the path of single-hearted salvation through Service to the Kanrodai / Parent of origin requires human instruments to help open and maintain both the model path and also to open and maintain new paths of single-hearted salvation for all mankind so that the Service can be completed and the world recreated as the world of joyous life. This differs from the first in that it requires some knowledge and understanding of the intention and way in which the model path has been opened and maintained from the origin out into the world. .  Picture if you will a crew that is assembled to build and maintain roads all over the world. They will need to know the purpose of the road and where the road is supposed to go, they will need to have and know how to use tools as well as a knowledge of how to use the local materials and resources to build and maintain it. And, perhaps most importantly, they will need to have a good relationship with the folks who live along the road or they will take the road apart as fast as it is assembled. The way of all these needs and solutions for particular times, places and maturity are shown in the model life (Hinagata), of which these Ofudesaki poems are a part, and the Timely Talks (Osashizu).

Since I , Moonsun, give My assurance,

there will not be even a single error in a thousand. 

There is always room for error in worldly common self-centered thoughts. The truth of origin, the truth that is known through the sincerely purified mind like clear water exists prior to and does not contain any human thoughts. The tested proof of this teaching is the same for all who sincerely return to the origin. There is no possibility of error. 

All the events involving the Kanrodai that occurred during the course of the Divine model show the divine intention "to purify people's minds by sweeping the dust form their hearts."

Sweeping away evils, hasten to save us

All humankind equally purified. 

The Kanrodai

The 3rd Shinbashira - October 26, 1988