Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

X 13-16

By this talk, I do not tell anyone to do anything.

I, Moonsun, shall rush out and do as I please.

We are reminded here that it is Moonsun that does everything. In speaking of returns, though we are intended to become instruments of Moonsun in building a path of return so that all those who wish to can return to the truth of the origin, we should always remember that it is Moonsun's free and unlimited workings that are at work in the world and not our own. Concerning those returns that hasten through admonition, those returns are also exclusively the result of the free and unlimited workings of Moonsun and are not a matter of someone else's concern but for each of us they are a matter of our own intimate single-heartedness with Moonsun. 

Even until now, everyone has known the moon and the sun,

but there is no one who knows the true origin.

This verse is an echo of verse I: 4. Once again we are instructed to look beyond the object of the metaphor to the deeper and true meaning that the metaphor points to. The moon and sun referred to here is the same Moonsun that is the author of  all of these poems. It is the same Moonsun whose body is this universe and whose mind is the origin of all that exists. These are the poems of  that same Moonsun who is inviting us to return to the truth of that origin and to reunite our mind with Moonsun's original mind. Knowing our propensities and taking into account that we might think that Moonsun is just a proper name with no other deep significance or  even that we may think that Moonsun is a metaphor that utilizes the moon and the sun in the sky without asking our self what it is about the moon and sun that I see in the sky that will help me to understand the truth of origin of any and everything in my own mind. Indeed everyone knows the moon and the sun but what is it about the true relationship between the moon and the sun that can lead us to finding the truth of origin of any and everything through our own mind? 

This time, I shall teach the truth of all matters

and hasten to save you.

 In my own case it is the interesting truth that though the moon appears to have a light of its own, moonlight  is really just sunlight reflected. Despite the authentic appearances of two lights there is really only one. And that though the moon appears to go through regular changes those changes are just the effect of shadows cast in the one light. When, with my eyes open, I sincerely watch and look at my own mind, my own self-centered imagination, Moonsun rushes out. Moonsun does indeed teach the truth of all matters. Who knew? What a marvel. 

To say when this will come:

it will come as soon as the weeding of the rice fields is done. 

It may be that at first we find it difficult to determine our minds and return to the truth of origin. Then, step by step, the sincere performance of the Service prepares the mind for awakening to the truth of origin. This purification and preparation of the mind to awaken to the truth of itself and of all things is the "weeding of the rice fields".  How fortunate we are to be instructed in this matter. How grateful I am.