Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


X 53-56

 If only I have taught you the origin clearly,

you will understand everything I say.

 Our propensity to misunderstand Moonsun’s teaching concerning the origin of human beings flows from our attempt to understand that one truth from the point of view of the limited self-centered imagination. Unfortunately, though there are many marvelous truths that can be known by the self-centered imagination, the truth of origin is not one of them. When we sincerely follow Moonsun’s instructions and know the origin clearly then we will understand all of Moonsun’s teachings. The knowledge that flows from returning to the origin and becoming single-hearted once again with Moonsun constitutes the knowledge of any and everything, which is after all Moonsun!

 The earth and heaven of this world is your real Parent.

Out of this, human beings were born.

 We are most familiar with the relationship between our bodies and other objects. That is to say that over time Moonsun has taught us taught us about those relationships and their causes, one marvel after another. Bringing us finally to the point where we can be taught the truth of origin. Pause for a moment and ponder. Our human knowledge is the knowledge of objects both large and small but we know nothing about the real source of that knowledge in ourselves. We are made of heaven and earth but we only have knowledge of our “earth” part. Now the time has come and Moonsun is working tirelessly to help us get to the point in our development where we can know and enjoy the totality of ourselves. Moonsun is all of what is both heaven and earth. We share the same nature as our “real Parent” but are currently bound to our earthly nature and at least for the present remain ignorant of the free and unlimited, “heaven”, part of our existence.

 The name, “Moonsun”, illustrates the truth of the Parent as heaven and earth as does the setting up of the Kanrodai. It is up to us to find this truth within ourselves. Calm your mind, turn within and find the root. Now is as good a time as any to do so.  Take a moment and “see” for yourself, the marvel so revealed, though subtle, is the marvel of marvels!

 From now on, I shall tell you solely about things unknown to

both, Kara and Nihon. Listen closely!

 This verse can be viewed as being a restatement of Book I: verse one, however since it falls within the theme about training Moonsun’s intermediaries it has an even more specific purpose. It addresses the kind of complacency that can accompany misunderstanding in opposition to denial.

 I wish to train you all in everything

so that you need not say that you do not know.

 If one has not yet known the truth of origin then take heart, the training to do so is now available. Look forward to the completion of this promise as this theme of training Moonsun’s intermediaries continues to unfold. That is such good and exciting news please feel free to go ahead and finish up without waiting for me to get to the end.