Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

Moonsun, God the Parent, is gathering intermediaries with the intention that they learn and teach the Service of the Kanrodai. The Kanrodai is the Parent of origin. The Service of the Kanrodai is the act of purifying the human mind, settling the self-centered imagination so that the original parental mind replaces the self-centered imagination and  remains as the foundation of human thought and the joyous life.  

X 29-32

To construct this Stand, Moonsun is making preparations

for the performers step by step.

The Stand, is the Kanrodai, which is the Parent of origin. The construction of the Stand refers to the sincere effort to follow step by step instructions in the ways to purify, settle, replace and clear the shallow self-centered imagination.  And in so doing, exposing the origin and core of the mind, the first cause of all that exists. The steps that are taught when followed truly, honestly and sincerely will set up the causality of origin. That is the realization of the steps necessary to return to the origin. Even in those instances when awakening appears spontaneous, as in the case of Miki's model story, true sincerity, the necessary causality of origin was in place. 

When the performers are fully assembled,

the Stand, also, will be completed of its own accord.

Many of us find that our self-centered imaginations have difficulty with learning and teaching the Service of the Kanrodai, which is of course entirely concerned with returning the state of the human mind to its original joyous condition. To help us to stay oriented we have been taught and  use familiar worldly common guides to indicate the direction that we should be going in. In any case the intention is that  those guides point surely in the direction of the truth of origin. It is, however, also the case that those same guides can be made to conform to our worldly common self-centered expectations. In this verse we are reminded that the completion of the "Stand', the "Kanrodai, is not a worldly common matter of cutting and assembling stone. That is to say that it is not a worldly common outward process.  Rather, when the causality of origin is achieved in the human mind, that is the completion of the  Stand.  Which is to say that the unstable and transient self-centered foundation of human thinking has been replaced with the unchanging and permanent foundation of single-heartedness with the parent of origin. 

To explain what this path is about: Moonsun will teach them

the hand movements of the Service, and then,

 The path is taught is the path that teaches  the purification of the mind one step at a time. Sincerely and honestly pondering when we are instructed to ponder; also sincerely and honestly settling, clearing, sweeping and replacing when we are instructed to do so. 

When Moonsun takes them forth all over the world,

the Stand will be completed of itself.

This refers to the human instruments who willingly offer their service to the parent of origin by spreading all over the world and by following the model shown by the parent of origin in teaching in ways appropriate for time, place and maturity, the way to purify the human mind so that it can return to its origin

When all human minds return to the origin and become one again with the mind of the Parent, then the world of joyous life based on the truth of origin will be completed. That joyous world naturally emerging from the foundation of single-heartedness with God in whatever free and unlimited ways appropriate for time and place.  

Today, it is no longer possible, unfortunately, for the foundation of the teachings to be conveyed by Oyasama's voice to our ears. Yet, the joy to be imparted from heart to heart has been preserved in the Ofudesaki, The Tip of the Writing Brush, which was provided by Oyasama as a further standard and as the "basis for teaching" that must not be forgotten. This Scripture, I wish to say, contains the foundation of the teachings. In other words, we may say without exaggeration that the foundation that shows us the way to thorough single-heartedness with God is to be found in the Ofudesaki.

The Second Shinbashira 

June 29, 1957 

5th Tenrikyo Yong Men's Association Path Seeker's Seminar

From My Hopes for the Young