Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


The development of this theme has so far revealed Moonsun’s intention to train a great number of intermediaries in ways and means to purify the human mind. That purification being realized, those intermediaries are then able to share and use Moonsun’s free and unlimited workings in the teaching of others. The goal being the step by step awakening of all human beings to the truth of origin, Moonsun’s free and unlimited workings and the joyous life.

To make this intention and the ways and means of realizing it clear, Moonsun has taught that the process of purification and the realization of the truth of origin is to be made available to all human beings equally.

Though pretty much incomprehensible to the worldly common point of view of the self-centered imagination, an equal affinity for all human beings is naturally the point of view of Moonsun. An equal affinity for all human beings is naturally the point of view of the truth of origin. An equal affinity for all human beings is naturally the point of view of the Parent of origin. An equal affinity for all human beings is naturally the stand point of the Kanrodai. And, an equal affinity for all human beings is naturally the point of view of the truly sincere minds of Moonsun’s intermediaries, as they are one with Moonsun’s mind and intention.

Indeed, it is the ability of the truly sincere minds of Moonsun’s intermediaries to assume Moonsun’s point of view that allows them to draw upon Moonsun’s free and unlimited workings as they go about the task of   teaching, opening and maintaining new paths to return to the origin, in ways appropriate to the time, place and spiritual maturity of those who wish to hear and understand it. Though there is an appropriate way for each and every self-centered imagination to return to the origin, still there is only one way. It is indeed a remarkable path. 

The truly sincere mind is however not a trivial matter and understandably the self-centered imagination  might wonder why it should make such a total commitment to its own purification. Indeed it is easiest to imagine that such sincerity is not even possible.  The poems then continue with Moonsun addressing just this question. 

X: 68-72 

Do not think of anything as an illness.

Everything is the care of Moonsun.

The human self-centered imagination is a marvel of flexibility and adaptation. It is capable of making profound alterations to its own environment, and even to the body that it inhabits and calls its own. When, however, we (the self-centered imagination) find that we are unable to control either our circumstances or our bodies or both, we become dissatisfied, in some cases profoundly so, with our limitations. Though we would like to have our own way in all things, fundamentally, we tend to be especially concerned with the evils (unwanted events or circumstances) that we call illness, weakening and death.

Through this verse we are once again shown a glimpse of a point of view that is totally contrary to our ordinary worldly common, self-centered point of view. What, to our ordinary point of view is an evil, is here referred to as the “care” (a virtue) of Moonsun.  It seems clear that to know and understand Moonsun’s instruction given here it will be necessary for us to replace our worldly common point of view with Moonsun’s free and unlimited point of view.

As the mind of Moonsun hastens day after day,

there is no knowing what I am preparing. 

So that we might also be able to “see” Moonsun’s point of view, Moonsun is hastening the purification of our mind. That purification is the settling or removal of the self-centered imagination, the current state of which is the denial of Moonsun’s point of view. 

There is no knowing what Moonsun is preparing because the very nature of Moonsun’s body (the whole universe) is constantly undergoing change in ways too complex and numerous for our total comprehension.  Though we have made great progress in understanding many of the changes affecting objects both large and small, we know very little about the limitations of the human mind and nothing of its free and unlimited workings. It is however as a result of just such changes that human beings have come to be as they are. And it is because of that constant capacity for change that human beings can look forward to the changes that will result in the creation of a new world of free and unlimited joyous living.

As concerns the preparations for training intermediaries for the task of purifying all human minds. Though those preparations are constantly being made by Moonsun, to see them requires the ability to know and understand Moonsun’s intention and free and unlimited workings.  The task is one of such scope that Moonsun’s free and unlimited workings are necessary to approach the complexity of entering into and purifying each and every human mind in ways that are appropriate for the time, place and level of spiritual maturity of each of us. The point of view that has the self-centered imagination as its foundation imagines and pretty much automatically assumes that it isn’t possible or that it isn’t up to the task and so must be quieted so that Moonsun’s preparations and  free and unlimited workings can be revealed.

You may not know what My hastening is about.

It is solely about the preparations for the Kanrodai.

The Kanrodai is the Parent of origin and identifies the true origin of all human beings. The purification of the mind is the preparation for setting up the Kanrodai. When the Kanrodai is set up in an individual mind, that is single-hearted salvation.  When the Kanrodai is set up in all human minds that is universal single-hearted salvation and the recreation of a free and unlimited joyous life for all human beings. Universal single-hearted salvation starts with each individual mind and thus Moonsun’s free and unlimited workings are available to each individual mind now and always.

In your days, if a disorder comes to the body,

Know that it is the care of Moonsun.

What we call illness or disorders of the body are Moonsun’s hastening to return to the origin and enjoy Moonsun’s free and unlimited workings by becoming one with Moonsun’s point of view. From Moonsun’s point of view illness, weakening and death do not exit. Thus each incidence of what from our point of view is a bodily disorder is to be taken as a reminder and invitation to return to the origin and single-heartedness with Moonsun’s free and unlimited workings. 

Looking throughout the world step by step,

I feel pity for you, so I desire to make changes.

Because the state of our mind, functioning with the self-centered imagination as the foundation of our thoughts, is yielding a “harvest” that is increasingly devoid of joy, we are hastened to find relief by changing the foundation of our thinking by returning to the truth of origin. Purifying our mind of the anxious and uncertain foundation of the self-centered imagination and replacing it with the certainty and joy that flows from the Kanrodai when it is set up as the foundation of our thinking and our perception of the world. 

It is the nature of the self-centered imagination to seek aid and relief for itself on a more or less case to case basis, with of course itself and its concerns as the center. It is the nature of Moonsun’s free and unlimited workings to understand the limitations of the self-centered imagination and to address those self-centered  needs while offering real and true relief from all of the evils that steal the joy from our lives, that relief being made available for all human beings equally. Moonsun’s single-hearted salvation held out to all equally, never giving any more or less but always providing the maximum. It is the task of those who would receive this relief to allow their mind to receive the marvel that is now and always, really quite freely given. Moonsun’s hastening of the purification of the mind is not for Moonsun, it is for us! It is the remedy that we are asking for but are reluctant to accept. It is indeed a pitiful situation.

Take a moment and reflect on the fact that the single-hearted salvation for our own mind is here and available right now. Smile, and with your eyes open, settle and enjoy Moonsun’s point of view. See the room that you are in, just as it is, free and unlimited. Though it may seem unremarkable, it is the marvel of marvels and the foundation of all that is known or will be known. 

Moonsun’s point of view as addressed to our worldly common self-centered point of view is clearly shown in the Osashizu below: 

Sah, sah, do you think that I have become feeble with age or that I am having difficulty because of illness? I am not ill, nor am I feeble. I have taught you completely, step by step. Ponder over it well.

Osashizu, January 9, 1887


Above all, what characterizes people who are advancing toward the Joyous Life is the ability to maintain a basic stance of mind that finds unalloyed delight in everything they see and everything they hear. Some people work in a coal mine, some are politicians, and some go out to do salvation work. When all of us throughout the world find joy in fulfilling our respective roles, we will assuredly be blessed with a world filled with delight. Don’t just keep repeating how it is actually God the Parent who will make that happen. What is far more important is for each of us to replace the mind so that we can transform everything into joy as we go through each day. This is the most important aspect of our lives. 

The Second Shinbashira, July 28, 1953 MHFTY


Because this is the path to save all humankind set by Oyasama, it is reasonable that She will bring the ideas by which to save all humankind into each of our minds at the appropriate time and place. This begins with our individual self-reflection and resolve. There are no restrictions as to the place or the time. It is possible even at this place and at this moment. 

The Third Shinbashira, February 18, 1986


God the Parent will work for us and provide splendid blessings in response to our sincere desire and efforts to save others from the sufferings of illness and other problems, to teach them the goal of human existence, namely, the Joyous Life, and to help them live in a way that is free from illness or any other trouble. What is important is not the words and techniques we use in this endeavor but how we handle our own minds and live our own lives each day.

 The Shinbashira, October 26, 2003