Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.


X: 73-76

 Ponder: whatever is said by mouth,

if there is no sure proof, it will not do.

 Though addressed to all human beings equally, in the first instance, this poem is addressed to those who would be trained as Moonsun’s intermediaries” and as such are being trained to open paths of single-hearted salvation for all mankind regardless of time, place or level of spiritual maturity. To accomplish such a momentous task those intermediaries will apparently need to know what they are doing and why they are doing it. This verse then makes it clear that for Moonsun’s sincere intermediaries, simple belief in Moonsun’s words is not enough,” it will not do”. A “sure proof” is required.  

 This is proof: Moonsun has entered this body

and gives directions freely and unlimitedly.

 This assertion of sure proof is remarkable and deserves a closer look. Our ordinary worldly common thinking is familiar with the idea of proof. Generally, in worldly common terms, to say that something is proved requires some kind of objective demonstration. When that kind of objective demonstration is not possible then the matter becomes one of either belief or disbelief. So, when Moonsun asserts that “Moonsun has entered this body and gives directions freely and unlimitedly”, in worldly common terms that assertion doesn’t appear to prove anything. Of course one could then say that one either believes the assertion or not but that is also just the worldly common response to the absence of proof.

 So where is the proof that Moonsun is asserting to be found?  One interpretation would turn away from worldly common reasoning and the expectation of an objective demonstration and instead “look” inward for the subjective demonstration that is single heartedness with Moonsun. Recall that this is a model that is intended to be followed exactly. Miki Nakayama’s mind was replaced by Moonsun’s mind, the truth of origin. The sure proof then is for each of us to replace our minds with Moonsun’s mind. That we are able to prove this for ourselves, in our own mind, is because of Moonsun’s free and unlimited workings. That is to say that Moonsun desires to train intermediaries who are free to give the appropriate directions for each of us to become single-hearted, without being held back by the limitations that dominate ordinary self-centered thinking.

 Because of this, I begin things,

speaking solely about that which has never existed anywhere.

Because Moonsun can give directions freely and unlimitedly, Moonsun is able to enter into our self-centered imaginations and craft appropriate paths of single-hearted salvation by speaking of things which our imaginations can relate to even though they never existed anywhere.  

Though I speak solely about things which have never existed,

they are all the teachings of Moonsun. 

Though Moonsun speaks of things which never existed, there is nothing trivial about them. Even now Moonsun’s intermediaries continue to “begin things” (new paths of single-hearted salvation) which are appropriate for time, place and maturity and which surely lead to the “sure proof” that is single-hearted salvation by replacing the self-centered imagination with the mind of Moonsun, the truth of origin.

 Then, what must we be mindful of to be acceptable in the eyes of the Parent in our efforts of spreading the teachings and salvation work? It is first to change our ways of thinking to come into accord with Oyasama’s way of thinking, and, when we make our efforts, to make them not in ways to satisfy ourselves or to be in line with the ways of the world but to aid and comfort one another with patience and sincerity so that the parental love of Oyasama will sink in deeply and be conveyed from heart to heart. The first step in responding to Oyasama’s parental heart is not to accept it self-centeredly but to accept it as She has shown it. 

The 3rd Shinbashira February 18, 1986


Oyasama, in accord with this intention of God the Parent, showed us the Divine Model of the Joyous Life through Her own example.  Observing the individual tendencies and temperaments of people, Oyasama gave instruction through a variety of means, teaching us over and over with painstaking care and patience.  Through Her spoken and written word as well as through Her own attitude, She showed us the path by which we should advance toward the Joyous Life and taught us to replace our minds so that our way of thinking would accord with the mind of God the Parent.

 The 3rd Shinbashira October 26, 1986