Tenrikyo - The Reason of Heaven


This universe is the body of God.

Ponder this in all matters.

A brief resume: "the gift from heaven" ( the joyous life, God's free and unlimited workings, freedom from illness, weakening and death) is to be bestowed upon the "sincere mind". The "sincere mind" is the purified mind. The purified mind is our original state of mind, the mind as it is before the self-centered imagination rises up in it. The Service of the Kanrodai ( the stand to accept the heavenly dew) is taught so that we human beings can purify our minds and return them to the truth of  our origin. The Kanrodai is the Parent of Origin. The service of the Kanrodai is the service of the Parent of origin. The purpose of the service of the Kanrodai is the purification of our mind so that it can return to and be united with its true origin, God the Parent, Moonsun, the certain understanding in the human mind of the first and final cause of all that exists. Having promised much, it remains then for God the Parent to teach the Kanrodai Service and hasten its sincere performance so that we human beings can enjoy God's free and unlimited workings as promised. 

X 25-28

How are you hearing this talk?

It is about the Service of the Kanrodai.

The question, "How are you hearing this talk?" challenges us to review the way in which our own understanding of what is being taught conforms to or differs from the intention of the Parent of origin. This talk then is about the Service of the Kanrodai. The Kanrodai having been identified as the Parent of "Nihon", that is the Parent of Origin, this talk then is about the service of the Parent of Origin. Implied in the question is the settling of the purpose and intention of that Service in our own mind. The purpose of the Service of the Kanrodai is to provide us with a sure way to return to the origin and become single-hearted with the God the Parent.  

Do not think of this Service as being trivial.

I desire as many as thirty-six people.

The trivialization of the service comes from attaching worldly common self-centered intentions and purposes to it, however, because the kind of mind that we may have does not make any difference to the Parent of Origin and because this is the path that will save all human beings regardless of time, place of level of spiritual maturity, it is the true sincerity of the truly sincere mind that is the true art that will result in single-hearted salvation.  

In assembling the members of the Service of the Parent the intention and scope in gathering instruments for the foundation and maintenance of a path of single-hearted salvation for all human beings is clearly shown. That God the Parent's path of single-hearted salvation will be opened and maintained through willing human instruments is a very important point to ponder. This world is build of causes piled up from the beginning and the same is true of the creation of a new world of "joyous life".

In time, I shall need nineteen performers for the Kagura Service,

including those for the musical instruments.

Practice, cooperation and harmony are implied in arranging a musical performance. In this way each performer contributes to the salvation of the others as well as their own single-hearted salvation. 

Truly settle your mind and ponder. 

I make this a firm request of you, My intermediaries. 

Here we also see that it is the intention of God the Parent to gather a number of service performers and that those performers are to be the intermediaries of God the Parent's intention for universal single-hearted salvation. Of great importance however is the instruction to anyone who would be such an intermediary to settle our mind and ponder. Settling the mind involves settling the self-centered imagination. One way of settling the self-centered imagination is to first identify it in our own mind. It is the voice and images of our mind. Once distinguished and with sincere attention to the task, one can separate the voice and images of the mind from the original mind that they appear in. The Parent of origin hastens any sincere effort to return to the origin and longs to welcome the returning children in a warm parental embrace. All fear, doubt and suffering naturally dissolving in that embrace.